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Satisfactory Update 4 – Patch Logs Coming Soon

New update will bring out fresh new items for players to test them while building their world in Satisfactory.

Satisfactory is a popular Factory Building simulation game. Players can build colossal facilities using various items in the game. Every update brings something new, and now Coffee Stain has announced Satisfactory Update 4. With a tweet the developer shared something big is coming, Satisfactory has received two updates previously that add Pipes, Trains, and Nuclear elements in the game. Here is some info about Satisfactory Update 4.

When will Satisfactory Update 4 come out?

Satisfactory Update 4 patch logs are still pending to go public. We tried to trace out what can be new in the game. After Update 3 which brought the Pipe system in the game Update, 4 is considered to be biggest. Satisfactory Update 3 introduced the Pipe and Fluid system in the game, this includes a complete set of piping mechanisms. Like Fluid Extractors, Oil Pumps, etc. You can set up your entire Refinery in the game using the pipe system. Pipe systems can also be used to set up a transportation system. A hyper route from the highest point to the farthest location.

Satisfactory Update 4 is release is pending for quite a long time. It was announced last in February via tweet, after that the developer shared-nothing much about the same. On the official site, the Satisfactory Update 4 slab is empty and shares nothing. But we can speculate here what could be the next big thing.

New updates mean new locations, new items, and new mechanisms. We haven’t seen much other than working in deserts or setting up a rail transport system. What if Satisfactory unlock doors of a new city or space program? It is logical to consider these can be a part of new upcoming updates. The game seriously focuses on building factories. Far after moving into simulation players can expect some kind of new levels or mode in the game.

We will update you soon about the Satisfactory Update 4 release date and patch logs.