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MHR Sunbreak: How To Get Sapphiron Ore

Check out our guide on how to get Sapphiron Ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

The most recent expansion of the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak features a plethora of new resources, mechanics, maps, crafting materials, monsters, and more into the game. As you progress into the expansion, you would need to upgrade your gear and weapons. For that, you need Sapphiron Ore to upgrade the weapons and Armor. But how to obtain them? Not to worry, here’s our guide on how to get Sapphiron Ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

How to Get Sapphiron Ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

You can get and farm the Sapphiron Ore by mining the outcrops in the Jungle map. As soon as you defeat the Daimyo Hemitaur, you will be sent to the Elgado outpost. Over there, you will receive different expedition quests in the Jungle. While these Ores are easier to find than most of them, you can find them only by at the Jungle.
Follow these steps to get them:

  • Before we get to these crafting materials, make sure you have a Geologist rank 3.
  • Now, as you reach Jungle, you will find two-colored outcrops. These are white and blue outcrops.
  • You can get the Sapphiron Ore from mining both of the outcrops.
  • If there’s a Mining upsurge, it will increase your chances of getting the Sapphiron Ores.
  • So, make sure to check on the Locale Info if there’s an upsurge
  • Also, equip the gear or weapons having Geologist skills.
  • To avoid any confusion, open the map of Jungle and toggle between the change Category option.
  • Then, set it to the Gathering option and head to your Icon List Menu.
  • Now, you need to toggle again to select the Materials 2 option
  • Search for the White or Blue mining outcrops and select the option to highlight them on the Jungle map.
  • Then, all you need to do is head to the location and mine the outcrops.

Sapphiron Ore Locations

Here is the Jungle map highlighting all the locations of the White mining Outcrops:

mhr sunbreak sapphiron ore

  • Aside from the above locations, several mining outcrops are not visibly highlighted on the Jungle map.
  • So, you can explore and get to these Outcrops throughout the Jungle map.
  • One of the locations is to the extreme southwest of the map.
  • You need to start the route from the south west of the map close to the Area 5. This is the location with the most mining outcrops.
  • As you traverse to this location on the beach, head inside a tunnel to your right. Upon going further, you will find over three mining outcrops inside the cave.
  • You can mine these outcrops to get plenty of Sapphiron Ores.

That’s everything covered on how to get the Sapphiron Ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. If you liked this guide, check out our guide on all the locations for Purecrystal in MHR Sunbreak right here on Gamer Tweak.