SAOVS Tier List: All Characters Ranked

This is the tier list of all the characters in SAO Variant Showdown.

Here is our Tier List for SAOVS ranking the characters from best to worst. This is a game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. for both Android and iOS. The game mainly has 7 characters but they are available in different rarities, attributes, and categories. Hence some are easily better than others. So check out this Tier List of all characters in Sword Art Online Variant Showdown.

SAOVS Tier List – All Characters Ranked from Best to Worst

saovs tier list of all characters

Character Tier
“Black Swordsman” Kirito (SSR) S Tier
“Dragon Tamer” Silica (SSR) S Tier
“Blue Rose Swordsman” Eugeo (SSR) S Tier
Goddess of the Underworld Sinon (SSR) S Tier
“Master Macer” Lisbeth (SSR) S Tier
“Flash” Asuna (SSR) A Tier
“Speedholic” Leafa (SSR) A Tier
“New Step” Kirito (SSR) A Tier
“Knight of the fragrant rhinoceros” Alice (SSR) A Tier
“Inspired to Victory” Silica (SSR) B Tier
“Determination to Stand Up” Asuna (SSR) B Tier
“Rising Hero” Kirito (SR) B Tier
“Incandescent Duel” Asuna (SR) B Tier
“Victory Girl” Silica (SR) B Tier
“Shake of Confidence” Lisbeth (SR) B Tier
“Wind Blowing in the Ice Field” Eugeo (SR) B Tier
“Secret Resolve” Silica (SR) B Tier
“Target lock-on” Sinon (SR) B Tier
“Forever Together” Asuna (SR) C Tier
“Noble Knight” Alice (SR) C Tier
“New Challenge” Eugeo (SR) C Tier
“Sniper’s fighting spirit” Sinon (SR) C Tier
“Forward only” Lisbeth (SR) C Tier
“Standing dignified” Leafa (SR) C Tier
“Triumphant” Leafa (SR) C Tier
“Strong Man’s Room” Kirito (R) D Tier
“Leave it to me” Lisbeth (R) D Tier
“Aiming for Victory” Asuna (R) D Tier
“Dancing in the Wind” Leafa (R) D Tier
“Enough Energy Silica” (R) D Tier
“100%” Sinon (R) D Tier
“Strong Oath” Alice (R) D Tier
“Results of Effort” Eugeo (R) D Tier
“Looking for Target” Sinon (R) F Tier
“To a New World” Kirito (R) F Tier
“To move forward” Eugeo (R) F Tier
“Start counterattack” Lisbeth (R) F Tier
“Serious game!” Alice (R) F Tier
“Further speed” Asuna (R) F Tier
“Harikiri Shoujo” Silica (R) F Tier
“One Swing” Leafa (R) F Tier

That covers this Tier List of all Sword Art Online Variant Showdown (SAOVS) characters. If you found this list helpful and are looking for more of them for your other favorite games then don’t miss out on our Tier Lists section.