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Undertale Sans Character – Everything You Should Know!

Here's everything you should know about the character of Sans in Undertale.

Sans is one of the most popular video game characters appearing in Undertale. Besides all the monsters you will encounter, Sans appears to be one cool dude. I mean, look at him, he is a skeleton who wears a jacket and shorts. Getting to know this character is a fun thing to do in itself. That being said, let us take a detailed look at Sans, the Skeleton.

Who is Sans in Undertale?

He is the brother of another famous monster, Papyrus in Undertale. Our protagonist first meets Sans in the Snowdin Forest region. This is the second region you will come across after exiting the Ruins. While Papyrus appears to be a hard-working character in Undertale, Sans is exactly the opposite of it. If you are on good terms with him, he constantly pranks you or cracks witty jokes.

Who is Sans in Undertale?

One of the most notable traits of Sans is his affection toward loved ones. Despite being a mischievous character, Sans will never hurt you if you are his good friend. For those who don’t know, Sans also performs as a Comedian at the MTT Resort.

Fun Fact – If  you don’t kill Papyrus, then Sans will invite you to MTT Resort’s restaurant for dinner. Meanwhile, he will share his story of how he met Toriel. Also, Toriel is friends with Sans and according to a promise made to her, he will protect any Human who enters the Underground.

Is Sans a Villain?

Undertale progresses based on the choices you make. As you know, there are 3 routes through which you can get an ending in Undertale. If you choose to go through the Neutral and True Pacifist Route, then Sans will act as a Support Character. Whereas, if you choose to use the Genocide Route, Sans will be the final boss in Undertale.

In Genocide Route, you will be eliminating all the monsters and eventually Papyrus. This is the reason why Sans will appear as the final boss in Undertale.

How to Beat Sans in Undertale?

Sans is the toughest boss you will encounter in this RPG. Defeating Sans at the end of the Genocide Route depends on how accustomed you are to the controls. There are repetitive stages where you are required to save the heart from bones. The only wise thing to do at this stage is to not accept Mercy from Sans. As he is a prankster, this Mercy you are expecting is one of his tricks.

He will try to offer Mercy at the end of every Stage but ensure you don’t accept it. You can use that precious time for healing instead.

That covers everything about the character of Sans in Undertale. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Undertale Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.