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Samurai Shodown Tier List

Samurai Shodown Characters Ranked Tier List 2021: We've ranked the best characters. Know the best characters you can use in the game.

Are you looking for a character tier list for Samurai Shodown? Well, don’t you worry as we have got your back on that one. We have divided the characters below according to our understanding of the game. These rankings are not the definite ones and are written in accordance with the characters we find the best. So, without further ado let’s dive into this list of the best characters ranked.

Samurai Shodown Character Tier List


Samurai Shodown Character Tier List 2021:

1 Ukyo S-TIER
2 Yoshitora S-TIER
3 Jubei S-TIER
4 Genjuro S-TIER
5 Charlotte S-TIER
6 Nakoruru S-TIER
7 Shizumaru S-TIER
8 Mina A-TIER
9 Galford A-TIER
10 Iroha A-TIER
11 Earthquake A-TIER
12 Tam Tam A-TIER
13 Sogetsu A-TIER
14 Hibiki A-TIER
15 Gongsun Li A-TIER
16 Warden B-TIER
17 Haohmaru B-TIER
18 Basara B-TIER
19 Kazuki B-TIER
20 Cham Cham B-TIER
21 Hanzo B-TIER
22 Wan-Fu B-TIER
23 Rimururu F-TIER
24 Shiki F-TIER
25 Kyoshiro F-TIER
26 Yashamaru F-TIER
27 Darli F-TIER
28 Wu-Ruixiang F-TIER

Tier S


  • Ukyo
  • Yoshitora
  • Jubei
  • Genjuro
  • Charlotte
  • Nakoruru
  • Shizumaru

The best of the best. These should be your go-to choice of characters in the game.

Tier A


  • Mina
  • Galford
  • Iroha
  • Earthquake
  • Tam Tam
  • Sogetsu
  • Hibiki
  • Gongsun Li

The ones that seldom get attention. These characters do stand pretty tough on their own and make valuable additions to the squad.

Samurai Shodown Tier B List


  • Warden
  • Haohmaru
  • Basara
  • Kazuki
  • Cham Cham
  • Hanzo
  • Wan-Fu

These characters should really be your last choice while making up a team. Keep them as a no other choice available option. Last-ditch option at best.

Tier F

  • Rimururu
  • Shiki
  • Kyoshiro
  • Yashamaru
  • Darli
  • Wu-Ruixiang

The worst characters in the game. Best to distance yourself from these characters. They also don’t have any recommended stats that might set them apart.

As we have mentioned before, all these rankings are our own. They are not in any way the official ranking and are based on our understanding of the game.

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