Samkok Tactics M Warlords Tier List (October 2023)

Use this Samkok Tactics M characters tier list to add famous and powerful warlords to your team.

Don’t know which Three Kingdoms warlords to get on your team? Read this Samkok Tactics M characters tier list to learn about the best generals. The game has many famous characters, such as Cao Cao, Lu Bu, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan. And that makes it even tougher to select the generals that should lead you in the battle. So we went through all and created this best characters list for you. Seize strategic centers, protect your territories, and unite the Three Kingdoms. Overthrow the tyrants and corrupt nobles of this era and lead your people to victory with the Samkok Tactics M Warlords.

Best Samkok Tactics M Characters Tier List (October 2023)

Samkok Tactics M Warlords Tier List

Below is the ranking of the Three Kingdoms famous warlords in six tiers: S+, S, A+, A, B, and C. S+ tier generals are the toughest among all. S is the second-best choice of characters. A+ are very capable of leading to victory. A are the good ones, you can add to your team. B are decent generals. And C is the weakest among all the present warlords of the game. Now that you understand the ranking system, let us check the Samkok Tactics M characters tier list.

S+ Tier List

  • Ha Hua Yan
  • Cao Cao
  • Hairy Stalker

S Tier List

  • Countu
  • Gui Gae
  • Sun Hock

A+ Tier List

  • Zhang Liew
  • Sun Ce
  • Taishu Zhu
  • Jiu Yi

A Tier List

  • Liu Bei
  • Sun Jian
  • Sun Quan
  • Julong
  • Lok Sun

B Tier List

  • Lost
  • Uighai
  • Tung Toh
  • Guan Yu
  • Zhuge Liang
  • Bang Thong
  • Zhang Hui

C Tier List

  • Lipo
  • Ngan Liang
  • Bunthew
  • Uan Shao
  • Diao Chan

That’s all for the Samkok Tactics M characters tier list. If this ranking of generals and warlords was useful to you, you should check out our ranking tier lists. And if you are a fan of tactical adventure RPGs, then you should go through our mobile guides. We have covered many games with historical and RPG elements.