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Lost Ark – Where To Get Salt-Grilled Saltbug

Here's our guide on where to get the Salt grilled Saltbug in Lost Ark.

As you proceed through different continents in Lost Ark, you will discover several items, currencies, and questlines to complete. While some items require completing entire questlines, some items can be obtained by simply collecting them. If you have started with Yudia’s Adventure Tome, you might be searching for Salt-grilled Saltbug. As its name suggests, it’s a dish and an epic cooking collectible. So, here’s our guide on where to get the Salt-grilled Saltbug in Lost Ark.

Where to Get Salt-Grilled Saltbug in Lost Ark?


You can find the Salt Grilled Saltbug below a lone tree near an old flag close to Nomad camp.

  • Head to the southeast of the Nomad camp following the path to Thorngrip Den.
  • The Saltbug dish is hidden below the lone trees and ice crystals surrounded by the salt plains.
  • There might be some enemies nearby the trees. You can either defeat them or avoid the fight to collect the dish.
  • As you go closer to the dish, Press G to investigate the dish and try it out.


get salt grilled saltbug lost ark
Image Source – EternityInGaming on YouTube.
  • You will be prompted with a message that the Salt-grilled Saltbug is now bound to you. But it won’t be added to the Adventurer’s Tome right away.
  • You need to head over to your inventory and right-click on the item to add it to the Adventurer’s Tome.
  • This cooking collectible is one of the seven collectibles that you need to collect.
  • While you can collect several of these dishes, you need only one to add to Adventurer’s Tome.
  • You can neither sell nor dismantle this item.

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