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Guide on How to Unlock Sakura Dungeon 18+ Content?

Sakura Dungeon has a secret, you can unlock a new storyline by modifying the game files. To know more read this guide on how to unlock new 18 plus content for Sakura Dungeon?

Sakura Dungeon is based on character Yomi, an ancient fox spirit who’s dungeon is stolen. Sealed and locked away your objective is to capture monsters, collect loot and explore the depths of a dungeon to reclaim it back. With over 6 characters and first-person dungeon crawling levels, Sakura Dungeon brings an interesting storyline for the mature audience. With the base story, you can do more, you can unlock the 18+ content to add some spice in the gameplay. In this guide, I will help you out with how to unlock Sakura Dungeon’s 18+ content.

Sakura Dungeon Uncensor Patch Download

Sakura Dungeon Mature content is locked and it cannot be unlocked through in-game settings. You will need Sakura Dungeon Uncensor Patch for PC. If you search for the patch in Google you will find various websites offering a download link. Just click on any one to download the patch files. Download the file first and then follow the steps below.

  1. Sakura Dungeon Uncensor patch download size is approx 160 to 168MB.
  2. Download and extract the content of the patch in a folder.
  3. Copy  patch0x.rpa and paste this file in Steam\steamapps\common\Sakura Dungeon\game.
  4. Launch the game and verify it once.

There are no other settings, just install move the patch files to the proper location and done. Using the steps above you can unlock Sakura Dungeon 18+ content and enjoy the game with a different perspective.

In case of any error, Sakura Dungeon Crashing issue, etc re-install the game from Steam. Or you can also try with verifying file integrity before going with a fresh installation. Follow the steps below.

  • Select the Game from Steam Library.
  • Right click and choose Properties.
  • Go to Local Files Tab and click on Verify file Integrity.

This will resolve a lot of bugs associated with game performance. But if nothing works and the game still crashes remove it completely and install a fresh copy of steam. Avoid using the patch file, you can try downloading from any other source.