Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom Locations: How To Get & Farm

Want to know fast and easy ways to get sakura Bloom in Genshin Impact? Here are all farming locations to collect a bunch of them.

Sakura bloom is an ingredient that you will require for crafting items or character ascension. There are multiple locations where you can find it in the Inzauma region. To help you farm this material faster, here’s a location guide on how to get Sakura Bloom in Genshin Impact.

Best Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom Locations for Farming

You will find Sakura Bloom in the wild, and most of them are huddled together in the Grand Narukami Shrine region. Head to this location near Mt. Yougou.

best location to farm genshin impact sakura bloom

How to Harvest & Collect Sakura Blooms?

Once you have spotted them, approach the area and attack them with Electro. This is how you can harvest Sakura Blooms easily. Apart from this, if you are carrying Electro energy and you walk near them, they will get collected too.

Here are all locations from the helpful Genshin Impact Interactive Map.

As you will see, some more good spots to farm for Sakura Blooms are:

  • Araumi Village (North of Grand Narukami Shrine)
  • Byakko Plain (South-West of Mt. Yougou)
  • Kamisato estate (East of Mt. Yougou)

These locations will help you speed up your farming activity because you will need to stock up on a lot for character ascension.

How to Use Sakura Blooms in Genshin Impact?

Now that you have plenty of Sakura Blooms, you can use it for crafting purposes.

  • Tricolor Dango – 2x Milk, 2x Snapdragon, 2x Sakura Bloom, 1x Rice
  • Summer Festival Fish – 2x milk, 2x Snapdragon, 2x Sakura Bloom, 1x Rice
  • Electroculus Resonance Stone – 5x Naku Weed, 5x Sakura Bloom, 1x Amethyst Lump
  • Sakura Mochi – 2x Sugar, 1x Sakura Bloom, 4x Rice
  • Sakura Tempura – 4x Shrimp Meat, 2x Lavender Melon, 2x Sakura Bloom, 1x Flour
  • Snow on the Hearth – 4x Rice, 2x Sugar, 1x Sakura Bloom
  • Fake Fly Bait – 1x Horsetail, 1x Sakura Bloom

Sakura Bloom for Character Ascension

You can use it for Ayaka’s ascension so farm a lot of this ingredient to be able to do so easily. You will initially need 3 but the count goes from that to 10, 20, 30, 45 and 60.

That’s everything on how to get Sakura Bloom and where to find the farming locations easily in Genshin Impact. For more guides about this popular title, be sure to explore more guides on Gamer Tweak!