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Saints Row 5 Story, Co-op & More Leaked

The developers at Volition Inc. have been working on the open-world action title Saints Row 5 for a while now. Over the course of the weekend, unconfirmed rumors about the multiplayer, the story, and the playful implementation found their way online.


It was confirmed quite a while ago that the developers at Volition Inc. were working behind closed doors on the open-world action-adventure Saints Row 5. When the game will ultimately be revealed is still unclear.

As it is said, the plot of the new title connects seamlessly to the story of Saints Row 3, while the events of Saints Row 4 or Gat Out of Hell are themed in a weird TV show.

The story of Saints Row 5 is supposed to be about how the Saints become an evil corporate empire similar to Ultor. You take control of a new protagonist who competes against the old Saints to take command of their group. In addition to the old Saints, various gangs such as a motorcycle gang called Wolf Pack act as opponents. Furthermore, according to the rumors, it will be possible to join forces with other gangs and take action against the old Saints.

With the exception of Gat, all known Saints appear to be making a comeback throughout history. The game is set in the modern Stilwater (the location of the first game), which has been expanded to include more areas and islands. Since the Saints never cared about whether their missions would injure other people, according to the rumors they bred their own enemies in the form of the aforementioned gangs.

With a look at the playful implementation, it is added that the character and the associated customization options will be based on Saints Row 2. So it should not only be possible to adapt the body of your hero in numerous areas, clothes can also be changed at any time. The weapon adjustment will therefore no longer be as linear as in Saints Row 4. You can create different areas and camouflage colors and switch back and forth between different types of ammunition.

According to the alleged leak, those who do not want to fight in the Saints Row 5 campaign alone can team up with up to three other players and tackle the campaign cooperatively. A free-roam multiplayer for up to 32 users, in which activities such as deathmatches are dynamically activated in the world, and it will also be part of the party. For example, you can be on the map and receive notifications that tell you that a gang war has just started that you can participate in.


Although the game world of Saints Row 5 will not offer any destructible buildings, according to the leak, the physics should be much more realistic than in the predecessors. Please note, however, that the alleged details of the game have not yet been commented or confirmed by Volition Inc. or Deep Silver.