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Saints Row 4 Re-Elected Cheats For Switch & How To Use Them

Looking to use some cheats for Saints Row 4 Re-Elected on your Nintendo Switch? Check out this guide on the complete cheats list.

Saints Row 4 Re-Elected is an amazing game to play on your Nintendo Switch. And this game gets better when you use cheats. If you are looking to use some cheats and spice up your game then you are at the right place. So in this guide let us take a look at all Saints Row 4 cheats for Switch and how to use them.

All cheats for Saints Row 4 Re-Elected in Switch

how to use saints row 4 cheats on switch

Let us break down these cheats into 2 sections.

Vehicle & Weapon cheats
These cheats affect your vehicles and weapons.

  • dlc_unlimited_clip: You get infinite Clip for all your weapons.
  • dlc_unlimited_ammo: You get infinite Ammo for all your weapons.
  • letsrock: You get all the weapons that the game has to offer.
  • givehovertank: Use it to spawn an alien hover tank.
  • evilcars: Makes every car on the road target you.
  • givetrouble: Use it to spawn an XOR (alien hoverbike).
  • isquishyou: Your vehicle can crush any vehicles you run over.
  • repaircar: This cheat repairs the vehicle you are currently using.
  • vroom: The vehicles can’t be destroyed and won’t take damage.

Game & Power cheats
These cheats affect the game and your powers.

  • insanecity: Enable Insane City.
  • instantwarden: Spawns an instant Warden Notoriety.
  • ascii: Use this cheat to enable ASCII mode.
  • nowardens: Wardens will not spawn.
  • bigheadmode: The characters in-game will get big heads.
  • cheese: Gives Player $100000 Cash.
  • fastforward: Use it to speed up the time in-game.
  • mascot: This cheat will turn pedestrians into mascots.
  • goodygoody: Use it to clear and remove Notoriety.
  • fryhole: All the corpses in the vicinity rise towards the sky.
  • hohoho: Turns pedestrians into either pr*st*t*t*s or p*mps.
  • noglitchcity: Use it to disable Glitch FX.
  • runfast: You can infinitely Sprint.
  • superblast: This cheat unlocks the super blast.
  • nosupermove: Turns off super movement.
  • supertk: This cheat unlocks telekinesis.
  • superdfa: This cheat unlocks death from above.
  • superbuff: This cheat unlocks buff.
  • nosuperpowers: Turns off superpowers.
  • superstomp: This cheat unlocks stomp.

How to use Cheats on Switch

  1. Open Menu and select Extras.
  2. Here you can see Cheats and Stats. Click on Cheats.
  3. It will allow you to add cheats.
  4. Type the cheats to add them.
  5. Next, check them to enable them. It will give you a warning that using cheats disables autosave. If you are okay with it proceed to activate cheats.

If you follow the above steps properly you can easily use cheats.

That sums up this guide on Saints Row 4 cheats list and how to use them. If you enjoy liked the above guide be sure to check out Gamer Tweak for more things gaming.