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Road 96 Safe Codes: Every Working Security Code

Looking for the safe codes in Road 96? Here's all that will help you in different parts of the game.

Road 96 is an adventure game with two kinds of playthroughs depending on the player’s choice. The interactions in the game are procedurally generated between the character and others. Seven non playable characters are met across either playthrough in the fictional nation of Petria. While under a dictatorship, as a playable character you can either influence the election or to focus on crossing the border. While traveling through the lands of Petria you will come across a few people and your interactions will determine your future. Along with this, there are multiple safes that you encounter and need to open while progressing. This guide will provide you with a few codes for the safe in the game Road 96.


All Safe Codes in Road 96

Road 96 Safe Codes

While there are a lot of safe codes in the game, the following list has few that matter and are quite difficult to find:

  • 4166 – While you are in the trailers campground area, you will find this code on the desk of the person who is renting the trailers. You will need this code during the part with Smells Like Teen Spirit.
  • 2237 – Happy Taxi Station is one of the important missions you come across in the game. While you help Stan & Mitch, you will guide them with the security camera mini-game. With limited time to act, this code will be found in one of the drawers and opens a safe.
  • 1218 – During the Short Circuit part, this code will open a safe behind one of the posters. It can be found in a box that drops from the ceiling.
  • 6844 – While you are in the motel, you will get this code as a math puzzle that you will need to solve. It will be right near the safe that opens with the code.

We will update this list once new codes are found for important missions of the game. We recommend you visit this guide soon.


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