Ryuji Confidant Choices In Persona 5 Royal

Here's everything you need to Ryuji's Confidant Choices in Persona 5 Royal.

Socializing with your Confidant is an essential part of the game as they unlock passive skills that are useful in combat. Increasing Rank with Ryuji the Chariot Arcana is easy. Also, he unlocks a wide range of abilities with higher ranks. This also helps in increasing Relationship points. This can increase with the right confidant choice and this guide has details for Ryuji Confidant Choices in Persona 5 Royal, which will help you to choose the correct options and helps you in rank progression.

Ryuji Confidant Choices in Persona 5 Royal

All Ryuji Confidant Choices in Person 5 Royal

Here’s the list of important conversation choices with Ryuji along with the points:

Rank 1

  • This event with Ryuji will begin on 4/12 as part of the story.
  • All four choices are irrelevant for Rank Progression.

Rank 2

Responses Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Plus, maybe then I’ll be able to help out a little more. “I’m counting on you. “+3 “You seem pretty excited.” +3 “…Help with what?” +2
…… “Do you want to go back?” +2 “Do you regret it?” +2 N/A
Phone Call: I should’ve kept up my running. “You’re already fast enough.” +2 “Are your legs okay?” +2 “It’s never too late, man.” +2

Benefits: Unlocks Baton Pass.

Rank 3

Responses Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
….. “Let’s not fight.” +2 “Want to train with us?” +0 “It’s nice to meet you.” +0
That don’t got anything to do with this…  “Calm down, Ryuji.” +3 “Just endure it.” +2 “I’ll shut them up.” +0
Phone Call: I get pissed off so damn easily. I really gotta work on that.  “I can’t exactly blame you.” +2 “Violence is not the answer.” +0 “Yeah, that’d be best.” +0

Benefits: Unlocks Follow Up Ability

Rank 4

Responses Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
But for some reason it don’t look like he’s gettin’ along with the others. “Nakaoka?” +0 “Are you worried about him?” +3 “Just leave him be.” +0
I don’t want ’em endin’ up like me.  “But you’re doing great.” +3 “It’s not so bad.” +2 “I know how you feel.” +3

Benefits:  Unlocks Ogikubo Ramen location and also unlocks Punk Talk ability.


Rank 5

Responses Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Oh yeah! You bring your stuff? “A towel?” +2 “Protein powder?” +3 N/A
…Good for them. “You seem conflicted.” +2 “Do you want to rejoin?” +2 “You’re done with them, right?” +0
But I’m still worried ’bout their advisor, Yamauchi. He’s basically like a mini Kamoshida. “So he’s short?.” +2 “So he’s an asshole?” +3 N/A
Phone Call: I ain’t too worried! “Don’t worry. I gotcha.” +2 “I haven’t agreed to anything.” “Fine, but you’re buying ramen.” +0

No Special Benefits.

Rank 6

Responses Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
style=”font-weight: 400;”>You get what I’m tryin’ to say, yeah?> “Let’s stay here.” +2 “How about Protein Lovers?” +2 “We can train at my place.” +3
That’s a load of bull! “You guys should trust Nakaoka.” +3 “There is no time for arguing.” +3 N/A
You get what I’m tryin’ to say, yeah? “Absolutely.” +3 “More or less.” +3 N/A
Phone Call: He’ll keep his mouth shut whether or not someone’s punchin’ him. “Sounds like you two were close.” +0 “Just like you.” +0  “So he should’ve punched back?” +2

Benefits: Unlocks Harisen Recovery ability.

Rank 7

Responses Option 1 Option 2
If we don’t do something quick, Yamauchi’s gonna get rid of Takeishi too… God dammit! “Should we change his heart?” “Let’s talk to Takeishi.” +3
I know that ain’t the coolest thing to say, but it’s how I feel. “I think it’s cool, Ryuji.” +3 “Wait, what?” +2

Benefits: Unlocks Insta Kill ability.


Rank 8

Responses Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
You saw that, right? That was some serious violence! “Things turned out for the best.” +3  “You deserved it.” +3 N/A
Thanks. “All I did was watch.” +3 “Are you gonna pay me back?” +2 N/A
It’s kinda like I was doin’ a sprint… and you were runnin’ next to me. “But I was just standing here…” +2 “You weren’t cool though.” +3 N/A
Phone Call: Seein’ them havin’ a real heart-to-heart talk… They got a good team “Should we change his heart?” +0 “So. Case closed?” +2 N/A

Benefits: Unlocks Endure ability.

Rank 9

Responses Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Looks like they’re finally walkin’ their own path. “Are you satisfied now?” +3 “Not running?” +2 N/A
They asked me to come back to the team. “What did you say?” +2 “Do you have any time for that?” +2  “Don’t do it.” +3
Wherever you decide to be, that’s where you belong.  “You’re right.” +3 “I never realized that.” +3 N/A
I’m just glad I found it. “I agree.” +2 “Be more specific.” +0 “And where is this place?” +0
Phone Call: Sounds like they got him under control. “Congratulations.” +2 “Got him under control, how?” +0 “Better watch out for them.” +2

Benefits: Unlocks Protect Ability.

Persona 5 Roya l-Confidant Choices of Ryuji

Rank 10

This is the Max rank in the game. In the first conversation choosing any option will give you 3 Points and in the last conversation, you won’t get any points for options.

Benefits: Unlocks Second Awakening. Evolves Makoto’s Persona into Seiten Teisi. It’s the final form of Makoto’s Persona.

That’s everything you need to know about Ryuji Confidant’s choices. Also, check out our guide on how to recover SP in Persona 5 Royal.