Rust Chat Commands List (2023)

Here's a list of all the available Chat Commands in Rust.

The chat window in Rust is a powerful tool, which includes everything from private messages, trading, and even clan GUI. So having a handy list of all Chat Commands in Rust is a must for all players. We have compiled the list of all the chat commands you ever need.

List of All Chat Commands in Rust (2023)

Chat Commands List Rust

Here are all the Chat Commands in Rust as a list:

Chat Commands Description
/ad 5 5 seconds for door closer
/bgrade Brings up help in-game
/bgrade 0 Turn off auto-updates
/bgrade 1 Auto upgrade to wood
/bgrade 2 Auto upgrade to stone
/bgrade 3 Auto upgrade to metal
/bgrade 4 Auto upgrade to armored
/clan Brings up clans status & info
/clan help Show clan commands list
/cmenu Open Clan GUI, if you are the clan owner
/codelock Brings up codelock commands list
/crosshair Toggle Crosshair
/ff Shows friendly fire status
/ff on/off Toggle friendly fire
/friend add playername Add as your friend
/friend list List of all friends
/friend remove playername Remove from friends
/help Brings up all plugins & commands list
/home homename Teleport to Home
/info Brings up Server Rules & Info
/kit All available kits list
/listhomes Brings up home locations list
/map or M (keybind) Shows the world Map or use Keybind: M
/pm playername message Send a private message (eg: /pm player5 hello)
/pr <category> server Top 5 in any category you choose
/pr tops Brings up a list for each category with top stats
/r Private message reply
/remove Remove any object you build or placed
/removehome homename Remove saved home location
/reward Show player’s current vote point counts & player rewards
/reward <ID> Use ID to claim reward
/s Displays rewards and points
/sethome (home name) Set as home location
/share help Brings up share commands list
/showmenu or F5 (key bind) Select different Crosshair
/tpa Accept a teleport request
/tpr Give a teleport request
/trade accept Accept the incoming trade request
/trade playername Give a trade request
/vote Check vote points after done voting for the server
/voteday Start Daytime Vote
F1 – (key bind) Brings up Console
fps.limit -1 Limit to desired FPS
gametip.hidegametip Hides gametip in Rust
kill Kill self

Thats’ everything you need to know about Chat Commands List in Rust. While you are here, check out more of our Rust Guides to know more tips and tricks like,  How to Host a Private Server in Rust Console Edition.

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