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Elden Ring Best Rune Farming Method To Get XP Fast

You need to farm a lot of runes and XP to make your character strong in Elden Ring. This guide will help you exactly with that.

Players of Elden Ring are looking for a method for farming Runes to gain XP and level up quickly. The more you improve your stats the higher your level gets thus making you stronger. And being strong is very much needed in this game as only then will you be able to give proper fights to the bosses. So in this guide let us quickly check the best farming method to quickly gain runes for XP in Elden Ring for the early & the late game.

Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide for XP


best runes and xp farming method in elden ring

The best way to Farm Runes in Elden Ring is by slaying the dragon outside Fort Farroh site of Grace. Thanks to RageGamingVideos on YouTube for sharing this method. It allows you to get 100K runes.

Before we get to the actual farming method you will need a bleed weapon for it. You can either use Reduvia dagger or apply the Ash of War: Bloody Slash to your current weapon. Lastly, while this is optional you should also use a golden-pickled fowl foot. We will get to how you can get them in a bit, now let us check the farming method.


  1. Fast Travel to Fort Farroh site of grace.
  2. Equip your weapon that does bleed damage.
  3. Find the White dragon laying outside.
  4. Start attacking it till its health is near the end.
  5. Consume the golden-pickled fowl foot to boost the runes you get.
  6. Now deal the finishing blow. In case you don’t have the above item you can directly deal the final blow just the runes you get won’t be as much.
  7. After defeating it you should get more than enough runes. Go to any site of rune and level up your character.

This is one of the best methods that should come in handy no matter if you are in the early or late game. In case you need a little extra help then check out their video below.


How to Get Bleed weapons & Golden-pickled fowl foot

elden ring best runes farming method

Bleed Weapons


  • You can get the Reduvia Dagger by eliminating the Bloody Finger Nerijus NPC. You can find this invader NPC near Murkwater Catacombs.
  • As for the Ash of War: Bloody slash you can get it by defeating the knight at Fort Haight. Fort Haight is located in Limgrave.

Golden-pickled fowl foot: You can craft this item if you have the following ingredients.

  • Missionary’s Cookbook [2]
  • Gold Firefly: 1
  • Four-Toed Fowl Foot: 1
  • Rowa Fruit: 3

That covers this guide on the best XP and Rune Farming method in Elden Ring to use in the early and the late game. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our other helpful guides for Elden Ring.