Elden Ring Rune Arc Explained – How To Get, Effects

Learn all there is to know about the Rune Arc in Elden Ring from this guide.

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game set in the Lands Between. As such you will need the best weapons & armor to survive against the hordes of enemies. Since the game has a wide arsenal of weapons, there is no shortage of them. But these weapons are not enough to beat the countless hostiles in the game. As such, there will need more power to back them up. One such Item that does this is the Rune Arc. The Rune Arc in this game is a very useful Consumable that boosts the Player stats. In this guide, I will show you Everything you need to know about the Rune Arc in Elden Ring.

Rune Arc Explained in Elden Ring

rune arc elden ring

As mentioned earlier, a Rune Arc is a Consumable in Elden Ring that provides stat boosts to the player. Rune Arcs are used to activate the Boosts of a Great Rune. A Great Rune is a Key item dropped by the Main Demigod Bosses. Equip the Great Rune & Consume the Rune Arc to activate it. If you do not have a Great Rune, then the Rune Arc provides some Health boost.

How to Get a Rune Arc?

A Rune Arc is a resource that can be found in many places in the game. You can get them as item drops around the Map, rewards from a boss fight, or loot from Chests, or Corpses. The Best way to get Runes Arcs in Elden Ring is by doing the Following PvP activities.

  • Defeating a Boss in Multiplayer as a Furled Finger.
  • Defeating a Host of Fingers in Multiplayer as a Bloody Finger Invader or a Recusant Invader.
  • Beating an Invader in Multiplayer as a Hunter (summoned by a Blue Cipher Ring).
  • Farming Rats but has a low chance of a drop.

The above methods are the best ways of getting a lot of Rune Arcs, especially for early-game where everything can nearly one-shot you. Keep a stock of it to make Boss fights easier.

Where to Buy Rune Arcs in Elden Ring?

Rune Arcs can be bought for a limited number through merchants. The best place to head to is the Roundtable Hold where you can buy them from the Twin Maiden Husks who will sell 5 Rune Arcs for 4000 Runes each.

Rune Arcs effects

consume rune arc elden ring

  • Rune Arcs activate the Great Rune of a player when it is equipped.
  • If no Great Rune is equipped then the player will get Health boosts.
  • Upon the player’s death, the effects of the Rune Arc will disappear.
  • Otherwise, the Rune Arc remains active.

This was all about the Rune Arc in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Should You Give Seluvis Potion To Nepheli in Elden Ring.