Rules Of Survival ROS Redeem Code List Wiki

Here are all ROS Gift codes to redeem right now.

Our Rules of Survival (RoS) Code Wiki is a collection of the working codes and a list of rewards you can easily redeem. Rules of Survival came out on May 31, 2018, on Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. This multiplayer online battle royale game is free-to-play for all. With over 300 million players on all platforms combined, this is one of those games you should try out once. So without further ado let’s check out the Rules Of Survival (RoS) Codes right now.

Rules Of Survival (RoS) Gift Code List

Here is the list of all working codes in our Rules Of Survival (RoS) wiki:

  • s13a9a1d3804
  • SD406B202C12
  • SFA773217A67
  • sosniko
  • PROMO100
  • GIFT32404
  • ROS192643
  • RULES300
  • 325DIAMOND
  • FREE3658
  • FREE2020
  • ROSFREE360
  • CUPON100

Below you can find what you can redeem with them.

how to redeem ros code

Rules of Survival Redeem Gift Code (Working)

  • s13a9a1d3804 – x50 Biocaps, x1 Advanced Search Map, x3 1K Gas, x3 1K Metal, x3 1K Food, x3 1K Wood, x3 5 Training Speedup, & x3 5-min Research Speedup.
  • SD406B202C12 – x1 Advanced Search Map, x1 Epic Hero Badge, x1 Epic Hero Fragment, x4 5m Construction Speedup, x4 5m Research Speedup, x4 5m Training Speedup, x5 1K Food, x5 1K Gas, & x5 1K Metal.
  • SFA773217A67 – x1 Elite Hero Fragment, x1 Epic Hero Badge, x2 1K Food, x2 1K Gas, x2 1K Metal, x2 1K Wood, x2 5m Training Speedup, & x2 Combat Manual.
  • sosniko – x10 Rusty Fragments, x100 200 Chief EXP, x1000 Biocaps, x2 Epic Search Map, x300 1K Food, x300 1K Metal, & x300 1K Wood.

Expired Gift Codes

Below codes are expired and can not be used any longer. But still, we are adding them here for your reference below:

  • alarm
  • Anniversaryhero
  • bartgametvsos
  • chaos
  • character
  • cometogether
  • Countdown
  • environment
  • gameplayhk
  • Happy4thjuly
  • Happybirthday
  • ilovechocolate2021
  • iq300
  • joyeuxanniversaire
  • leaguechampions
  • morejstusos
  • nikitunsos
  • poleznyibessos
  • Profession
  • Samsung
  • shimoroshowsos
  • solidvideosos
  • sos100
  • sos1234
  • sos200
  • SOS23rd
  • sos300
  • sos999
  • SoSHaematom
  • SOSpring
  • Sunday
  • Thankyou
  • VK60K
  • vlfrgaming2
  • woahaematomsos
  • ZodiacAnimal
  • Zodiacfrank

How to Redeem Gift Codes in Rules of Survival?

Here are the simple easy steps to redeem codes in RoS:

  • Visit the Rules of Survival Gift Redemption page.
  • Enter your player ID from the RoS game.
  • To find your player Id, you need to go to the game lobby on your device.
  • Click on your Profile Avatar from the top left side of the screen.
  • Click on the “My Page” tab.
  • Your Player Id will be displayed below your avatar image.
  • Enter or copy-paste the working codes from above to the website page.
  • Click on “Confirm Redeem.”
  • Restart the game to get your free rewards.

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