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Royale High Summer Halo 2022 Answers

Looking for the Summer Halo 2022 answers in Royale High? Check out this guide to learn them.

Halos are a very rare item in Royale High Roblox. But occasionally the game gives you ways to get them. One such way is to correctly answer fountain stories and currently, you can answer Summer Halo 2022 questions. Summer Halo 2022 is the latest event similar to the previous events the game has done before. But just getting the correct answers doesn’t guarantee a halo. So in this guide let us learn all the Royale High Summer Halo 2022 answers.

Royale High Summer Halo 2022 Answers

royale high summer halo 2022 answers

  • Monrovia Blizerris Oracle: Answers are option A and C. The option A says “Hear your Fortune” and the option C says “Ask for a different Fortune”. This story is by giaguana.
  • Helping Pandora: Answer is A “Agree to search with her”. This story is by 1COSA
  • Choose Cave Passages: Answer is A “Various Colorful & Bright Seashells”. This story is by fxlsehoodx.
  • Fairground Activities: Answer is B “Check Out The Vendors For Something Sweet To Eat!”. This story is by Fang_Soup.
  • Strange Seashell from girl: Answer is A “Take it Home”. This story is by Cloudiqxs.
  • Cake Decoration Contest: Answer is D “A coral reef cake”. This story is by ShadowGalaxy_Gamer.
  • Bottle by the lake: Answer is D “Try to Find its Owner” .This story is by largeyolobeforeyou.
  • Frostbite Ice Cream place: Answer is C “Use Your New Ice Spell To Help”. This story is by dashingrainbow_girl.
  • Decorate Sandcastle: Answer is D “Motivate him”. This story is by 123mar_MILK.
  • Helping Hermit Crab: Answer is C “Check the Ocean”. This story is by Bearsgame234.
  • Pirate’s Buried Treasure: Answer is A “Help the pirate look and dig”. This story is by foothillsfun & Humanphobia22.
  • Captain Whiskers Treasure: Answer is A “Accept His Offer”. This story is by xxAsraelia.
  • Colorful Mermaids: Answer is B “Mermaid with the Pink tail”. This story is by Cosmic_Milki.
  • Selecting a Seashell: Answers are options C and D. The option C says “Choose the pink seashell that appears older than the rest”. And option D says “Choose the blue seashell that appears eerily otherworldly”. This story is by c0sm0gyr4l.
  • Echanted Scepter: Answer is not available yet, we will update it when it is available. This story is by CloudPuff221437.
  • Carnival Activities: Answer is A “Play the ring toss”. This story is by scrumptiousdonuts.
  • Escaping the heat: Answer is B “Head to the ocean”.This story is by Ixcy_Dreamerii.

While answering the fountain stories does give you a chance at getting halos, like mentioned above they do not guarantee it. We keep such guides updated so be sure to check out the Halo answers in the future.

Royale High Winter Halo 2021 Answers

halo answers for royale high

Here are all the Winter Halo 2021 answers for Royale High.

  • Winter FestivalOption B is the correct answer.
  • Speed Skating ContestOption A is the correct answer.
  • Snowball FightOption A is the correct answer.
  • Sled Race
  • Scared PenguinOptions A, B & D are the correct answers.
  • Read a book to Nugget
  • Little Girl’s Village is Damaged by the Ice QueenOption B is the correct answer.
  • Helping the Fountain GirlOptions B & C are the correct answers.
  • Hat for the Snowman Building ContestOption B is the correct answer.
  • Glowing EntityOptions A & D are the correct answers.
  • Colossal Yeti Steals CookiesOption B is the correct answer.
  • Buy a Marvelous ScarfOptions C & D are the correct answers.
  • Bring a flower for the Winter Spirit
  • Antique ShopOptions B & C are the correct answers.

That covers everything you need to know about Royale High Summer Halo 2022 Answers. Since you are playing this game don’t miss out on our Royale High halo tier list. And if you play other Roblox games then check out our Roblox section for more such guides.