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How To Rotate Buildings In Frostpunk?

Here is how you can rotate buildings in Frostpunk.

There is a mechanism were you can rotate buildings in Frostpunk. It is necessary that the buildings are close to the generator for survival. There are a variety of buildings that you will get to construct which will all collectively play a part in your survival.  However you can definitely change their direction. If you do not know how to do that, keep reading this guide where we tell you the way to rotate buildings in Frostpunk.

How To Rotate Buildings in Frostpunk?


Frostpunk Buildings

To rotate buildings in Frostpunk, click the middle scroll wheel of your mouse and then rotate it to rotate the building. The building will rotate 90 degrees in all 4 directions.

You can keep rotating the buildings untill you find the desired direction for your building. It really does not matter much however and will not affect the game to a huge extent. They are built on a radical grid and there are a number of buildings that you can build. The layout and the placement of the building matters the most.


Make sure that all the buildings are connected to your generator. This will be the most important survival tip for Frostpunk. The environment is harsh as you will need to construct a lot of buildings to survive the harsh weather. You will level up in the game the moreyou construct buildings in an efficient way. The buildings can sometimes shrink or enlarge according to the environment. The first line of buildings are in theh grid surrounding the generator which is the closest and the best place to build the first lot of buildings.

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