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Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirements Complete Guide

Check out all the features of the Room of Requirements in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Room of Requirements (also known as the Come and Go Room) makes an appearance in Hogwarts Legacy and players are wondering how to use it. In the Harry Potter world, this secret room appeared to people in great need. But in this game, once unlocked, it acts as a safe haven for you. There are a bunch of important things you can do in this room and we will tell you all about them.

How to Unlock the Room of Requirements in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Unlock Room of Requirement

To unlock the Room of Requirement, you must complete the main quest called “Flying Class”. This is the 19th main quest and by completing it, you’ll receive several Owl Post Letters. Look for the one from Professor Weasly. Then, you can access the “Room of Requirements” quest from the Quests menu. Once you accept it, head over to the seventh-floor corridor of the Astronomy Tower. There, she’ll teach you how to access the Room of Requirement and the spells to use in it.

What to Do in the Room of Requirement

As we mentioned, this room will be like your own house in Hogwarts castle. As you progress through the game, you’ll turn it from a single room to a full-blown base of operations. Here are the things you can do in the Room of Requirement:

1. Heavily Customize It

In the Harry Potter world, the room of requirements is equipped with the seeker’s needs. While in the game, you can customize it all by yourself. You can add furniture, workstations, wall ornaments, and much more from the Conjuration menu. Apart from that, you can customize it to your heart’s content. If you think that’s impressive, then you must know that the whole ceiling is customizable as well.

2. Upgrade Your Gear

Upgrade Gear on Enchanted Loom Room of Requirement

Since this is an RPG, you get the option to buff your characters with traits and upgrades. These will help you in your fight against stronger wizards and hostile creatures. To do so, you can use the Enchanted Loom present in the Room of Requirement. This will help you to apply traits and upgrade your gear.

3. Use the Identification Station

In this game, you’ll come across loads of gear by looting chests and enemies. Some of them will have upgrades of their own but they’ll be unknown. You can use the Identification Station to identify the traits without any cost.

4. Brew Potions

Potions are an important part of this game and you can brew them right in the Room of Requirement. These potions will help you during duels to restore health, reduce cooldown time, turn invisible, and much more.

5. Grow Resources for Potions

Instead of foraging or purchasing materials, you can grow them yourself using the Pots. And as the game progresses, you can buy larger pots, composters for fertilizers, and choppers to turn the plants into craftable materials.

6. Tame the Beasts in Vivarium

Tame Beasts in Vivariums

One of the best features of the Room of Requirement is the Vivariums. You’ll be familiar with these if you’ve watched Fantastic Beasts. If not, then these are magical realms where you can store and tame the beasts you found through the quests. The Vivariums themselves are highly customizable. You can add Beast Feeders, Toy Boxes, and more to care for the beasts. In return, they’ll provide you with rare and important items.

That’s everything from us on what to do in Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirements. If you liked this guide, then check out more in our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki guide.