Hogwarts Legacy Ron Weasley Build (Character Customization)

Read this guide to know how to make the Ron Weasley character build in Hogwarts Legacy.

Do you want to create a Ron Weasley build in Hogwarts Legacy but don’t know how to go about it? Then you are at the right place. Ronald Weasley aka Ron is often known as the best pal of Harry Potter. But honestly, the pure-blood wizard was much more than that. While Ron is not a part of Hogwarts Legacy, you can still create a lookalike of him using the Character Creator feature in-game. We will guide you through how it’s done.

How to Make Ron Weasley Build in Hogwarts Legacy

Ron is no doubt brave, loyal and a kind soul. But he also has some peculiar features that you can easily miss out on. This guide will break down every feature that you will have to use to make Ron Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy:


You can choose any preset you like but it has to be a male character. We chose the second preset from the third row. You can refer to our in-game image above for more clarity.

Face Shape

Well, the developers Avalanche Software have made it really hard for us to get a shape that resembles our beloved Ron Weasley. However, we found the second face shape from row 2 was a near perfect choice. Refer to the image below to avoid confusion.

face shape and skin colour
In-game Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Skin Colour

The young lad from Southwest England had a whitish complexion. To emulate it, you will need to move the Skin Colour slider to the extreme left as shown above.

Hair Colour

Since Ron Weasley is a typical redhead, you should try keeping his hair color bright red or orangish. We went with bright red to make the best lookalike of Ron Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy.

hair colour hairstyle ron weasley
In-game Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Hair Style

Ron was known to have a rich volume of hair although his hairstyles kept changing throughout the Harry Potter series. We chose the 4th hairstyle in the second row as it reminded us of the first time Ron set his foot in Hogwarts Castle in year 1.


Ron was never known to have any scars. Hence, we didn’t tinker with it in the character creator settings of Hogwarts Legacy.


freckles ron weasley
In-game Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Ron Weasley was known to have a good number of freckles that blended well with his redhead features. In the game, we choose to keep the “freckles and moles” slider to the second level. You can refer to our in-game image above for better understanding.


Since Ron had a more or less pale white skin, you will need to push the complexion slider to the extreme left.

Eye & Eyebrow Colour

eye colour eyebrow colour
In-game Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Ron Weasley was known to have blue eyes which often made him stand out among the crowd. For his eyebrow colour, we have chosen red which represents the color on his head too.

Eyebrow Shape

eyebrow shape
In-game Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Ron was not known to have a softer eyebrow that fades out in the end which is why we have chosen this shape. It is the fourth option from the first row.


ron weasley voice
In-game Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Lastly, we have chosen a high-pitched voice as it resembles Ron’s voice in the Harry Potter series. Just shift the Pitch slider to the extreme right for a high-pitched voice.

Here is a complete video walkthrough on how to create Ron Weasley for your reference:

That is the closest we can get to making Ron Weasley in Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator. If this guide helped you, then do check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki on Gamer Tweak for more tips & tricks.