Rogue Demon Trello Link, Discord Server, And Wiki (2024)

Looking for some in-game information to navigate through the mechanics of this Roblox game? This Rogue Demon Trello is what you are looking for.

Rogue Demon takes inspiration from the famous anime Demon Slayer so there are numerous in-game mechanics and lore that might be new to players who have not watched the series. Fortunately, like most Roblox games, the Rogue Demon Trello will help you reduce the gap with the details that you are lacking and missing out on. If you are new to this game, Trello is a wealth of information that you should not miss out on.

Along with the Trello, the official Discord Server is linked in this guide and you can use that to interact with the community. You can share a few experiences and speak with other players to gain some helpful facts that you may find useful going forward. Additionally, new updates, codes, and many other things can be checked out via the official Discord community.

Rogue Demon Trello Link

Rogue Demon Trello Link
Image via Rogue Demon on Roblox

To check out the Trello for the Roblox game, follow the link provided below:

Rogue Demon Official Discord Server

If you want to talk with other players in the community, you can join the official Discord Server for Rogue Demon by following this link. Since many players may face the same issues as you and discuss them in the community, you might find the interaction quite valuable. The server also provides news, updates, codes, and more regarding the game, so it’s a good place to stay updated on Rogue Demon.

Rogue Demon Controls

These are the main controls that you will need while playing Rogue Demon:

  • PC Controls
    • WASD: Movement
    • Wx2 (Double tapped): Sprint
    • M1: Light Attack
    • M2: Heavy Attack
    • F: Block
    • Q: Dash
    • G: Charge Breath
    • Numberpad: Moves
    • V: Carry/Drop | (Downed players)
    • B: Execute | (Downed Players)
    • L: Leaderboard | (Brings up the top players in the Game)
    • P: Settings
  • Xbox Controls
    • A: Enter through PLAY menu
    • RT: Light Attack
    • LT: Heavy Attack
    • X: Block
    • B: Dash
    • Y: Charge Breath
    • RB and LB: Switch Tool
    • DPad Right: Execute (Downed Players)
    • DPad Left: Drop (Downed Players)
    • RB and LB (Press together): Unequip Tool

That’s all you will need for the Rogue Demon Trello link and official Discord Server. For more such Trello of other Roblox games, do check out our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak. To get some free rewards in the game, check out the latest Rogue Demon codes right here.