Rockstar Games Deletes All Instagram Posts to Focus on Trailer Announcement

Rockstar Games isn’t new to breaking records, and with their tweet getting 1.8M likes in 24 hours, their Instagram account might not be far behind.

Rockstar’s Instagram account sees a ‘wipe’ with all their previous posts deleted, except the one that mentions the date and time of the first trailer drop of GTA 6.

rockstar archives posts before gta 6 reveal

The post has garnered 5.8M likes, 94.9K comments and counting. Moreover, they have updated the caption with the link to Rockstar’s YouTube channel, which features an upcoming trailer premiere. When writing, the premiere video had 20 more hours to go before it went live, but 47K viewers were already waiting. The anticipation is unbelievable, but we expect nothing less from history’s biggest video game franchise.

rockstar games gta 6 trailer drop premiere

Why did Rockstar delete the previous posts, and are they gone forever? They are most likely just archived, but they can be brought back. Popstars and singers have followed this style of ‘wiping’ your Instagram account to signify a new ‘era’ of their career in the form of a new album. GTA 6 is also going to be a turning point for the developer/publisher and so this makes sense.

rockstar games deletes insta posts except one

Moreover, some fans expect that every post for a trailer drop will form a big image featuring the official GTA 6 logo. If that’s the case, this is going to be cool.

We can’t wait to dig deep into every aspect of the GTA 6 trailer and share our speculations, expectations, predictions, and more with you. Stay tuned!