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Rocket League Private Matches Not Working Fix?

Not able to play Rocket League with your friends, here is how to fix multiplayer error.

The concept of Rocket League makes it very clear that the game was meant to be played with friends. How can you make playing soccer with your friends even more interesting? Add cars into it. Just as it sounds Rocket League is by far one of the most fun multiplayer games. It’s not just us even Mr. Beast plays Rocket league, and as you all know anything approved by Mr. Beast is bound to be fun. As they say, every rainbow has its rain the Multiplayer servers of Rocket league have been acting up lately, so if you are also facing the same issue stick around till the end to find out some solutions.

Private Matches, not Working Fix?


Rocket League Private Match

Recently, many Rocket League players are either not able to connect to the Epic Games servers or not able to create Private matches. Although the issue is not permanent players have been facing this randomly for months now. The problem has given rise to many Reddit threads and some of them also have Epic Games officials replying. Epic Games have acknowledged the problem but haven’t released an official solution for it.

Players should try the OG trick of restarting the game as that has been working for many players. If it doesn’t take it a notch further and try restarting your system. If you still are not able to play multiplayer you can try changing your region. As per some people, the issue is because of the overload on the servers (bound to happen considering how fun it is) so changing your region to a less popular country might help. Even though the issue has been looming around for months using these tricks will fix it the majority of the time, but still, if you are unlucky take it as a sign from the universe and log in another day.


Rocket League is a cool game and there are many things you can do. Do not forget to refer to our Rocket League Guides section to check out the latest tips and tricks on the game.