How To Defeat Robot Patrick In Spongebob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

In this boss guide, we will take you through the entire boss fight and show you how to defeat Robot Patrick. Earn the Toxic Terror achievement too!

Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated is finally here and it brings back so many memories. This 3D platformer game is a remake or a “rehydrated” version of the cult classic from 2003. While playing the game, you will encounter boss battles, of course, and one of them is with Robot Patrick who has put Squidward in a frozen state. The mission now is to save him and defeat the evil robot. The hilarious-looking robot has quite a few abilities and tricks up his sleeve though. So, how to defeat Robot Patrick? Find out in this guide.

How to Beat Robot Patrick

There will be two phases of the Robot Patrick boss fight – one where you fight as Spongebob and one where you fight as Sandy. Let’s take a look at these phases one by one and the strategies to use to defeat Robot Patrick.

In the first part, Robot Patrick will keep turning round and round while shooting out acidic goo at you. He will also lick the green ice cream and vomit out a ball of destructive goo towards your location. During this process, you must keep moving and avoid the red circles that appear on the floor, because that’s where the ‘spits’ will land.

As you successfully dodge these areas, the robot will feel “dizzy” and stop turning around for some time. Utilize these moments to go to the back of the robot and attack the area which says “Kick me here!” With this, you will see some reduction in your opponent’s health.

After that, continue dodging and hitting as you did previously. Make sure to avoid falling in the gaps between the platforms.

Then, at one point, the robot will fall down and Spongebob will happily walk away but the battle is far from over! Robot Patrick will get up and make Spongebob frozen too. That’s when Sandy will come to the rescue and help to defeat Robot Patrick.

Playing as Sandy gives you some additional abilities. The format will be same even this time – keep dodging the goo that Robot Patrick throws towards you and hit him in the back.

But the robot is smart because he changes his tactics and fills up the area around him with more of the acidic goo while attacking you with the projectiles. Now getting to the robot isn’t as easy as before but Sandy has a lasso that you can use. Simply use the lasso to get to the robot and hit him from the back again. You can also attach your lasso to the levitating points attached to the ‘Texas maps’ and swing from point to point. This will help you avoid the toxic goo. When the robot slows down, you can hit him.

Doing this will defrost Squidward and Spongebob but the fight is still not over. Now, it’s time for Spongebob to use the bubble to finally defeat Robot Patrick.

Begin dodging and when it’s the right time, bowl a bubble towards Robo Patrick. This will destroy and disintegrate him and you will earn the achievement called Toxic Terror which needed you to ‘Defeat Robo-Patrick in the Industrial Park’.

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