Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Lucky Arrow

Here's everything you need to know about Lucky Arrow in Roblox YBA.

One of the most popular RPG-styled games on Roblox is Your Bizarre Adventure. The goal of the game is to acquire powerful and unique spiritual skills that may be used against foes. In Your Bizarre Adventure, having a lot of Rokakaka and different types of arrows is the only way to win the battle. One of such arrows is the rare Lucky Arrow. So today let’s look at the Lucky Arrow in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) and how to get it.

Lucky Arrow in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA)

The Lucky Arrow is a YBA item similar to the Mysterious Arrow but with a lower probability of spawning rate. It can only be found by exploring the map as it spawns rarely at random locations. It’s the same as other rare arrows, however, it increases your probability of acquiring various skins drastically.

Lucky Arrow Roblox YBA

Your Bizarre Adventure centers upon acquiring powerful and distinctive Stands, which are the game’s primary powers. Also, keep in mind that Lucky Arrow is one of the items in YBA which cannot be bought in-game. But by collecting this arrow you have a high chance to get Shiny Stands and even Rarer Stands. If you receive a stand with a skin variant, you have a 90% chance of acquiring that skin.

In YBA, there are a number of Stands to choose from. Use a Stand Arrow with at least Worthiness 1 to get a Stand. Stands from the Steel Ball Run universe, on the other hand, needs the usage of the Saint’s Corpse Rib Cage. When rolling a stand with a Skin variety, you have the option of either using the pity system or using a lucky arrow.

That’s everything you need to know about Lucky Arrows in Roblox YBA. If you don’t have enough Arrows and are exhausted from losing the game, don’t worry as we have a few Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Promo Codes that can help you out in this.