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Roblox Royale High: How To Get Diamonds Fast?

Let’s see how to get more Diamonds quickly in Roblox Royale High

Royale high is another raging Roblox sensation. The game is set in a Disney-themed castle but its major focus is the dresses you can get for your character. The game is fairly simple like any other Roblox game, so there is an in-game currency as well. Diamonds are the in-game currency of Roblox Royale high, there are some dresses you can get for free but many need to be bought. Let’s see how to get Diamonds fast in Roblox Royale High.

How To Get More Diamonds Fast In Roblox Royale High?


While players can always buy diamonds there are other methods to farm Diamonds faster in Roblox. You get diamonds scattered through the game and by doing some tasks but the frequency of diamonds is very slow. The best way to get more diamonds is by buying diamond multipliers. Players can buy diamond multipliers from the shopping tab under the Gamepass shop. There are two types of Diamond multipliers, one which increases the diamonds by 2x and one which increases it to 4x, both are available for 749 and 1649 respectively. You can also combine both of them and increase the intake to 6x.

Logging into the game daily rewards you with diamonds. The no of diamond rewards you get an increase every day till 10 days so maintain the streak. You can collect a total of 1200 diamonds in 10 days so don’t forget to log in. Also, players should know that the diamond multiplier doesn’t work on the daily bonus.

Another way of getting diamonds is by sleeping in the game. The energy of your character keeps decreasing every minute in the game you can keep track by checking the mobile of your character. Sleeping gives you energy as well as XP points which in turn help your character to level up. Every level up gives you 300 diamonds and 1800 if you have both the multipliers.


One secret way of getting more diamonds is through the Art studio in the game. Players need to go head to the Art studio which is on the right side on the second floor. Find a dark window through which you can see a house. Under the “animation” tab select Sitting, look for the “Action hero” option, and bind it like Q. Put your character in the shift lock mode by selecting the shift key and then keep zooming until you can only see the window. Hold W and press Q to head forward and keep jumping continuously. After some attempts, you will glitch through the glass into the waterfall.

You can find multiple diamonds their and the multiplier is also effective there. Once you are done or get stuck anywhere during the process just reset the game and you will start from the regular spawn point. Players need to keep in mind to not step on the waterfall as this will glitch them to somewhere completely random.

These were all the ways using which you can get diamonds faster. Do check out our article to know how to get the Mermaid tail in Roblox Royal high.