Roblox: How to Get Stolen Items Back?

Did someone scam you? Here is how to restore your stolen items in Roblox.

Did you recently lose some items in Roblox? Got scammed by users or looking for how to restore Roblox stolen items then you are on the right page. I will share details on how to retrieve lost items in Roblox. It’s a common issue, and Roblox does not provide any in-game settings to fix it. You have to connect with the support through an email. I am going to provide you the email format, use that by adding your Username and done. Roblox support team makes sure you get what is stolen from you.

How to Get Back Your Stolen ROBLOX Items?

How to restore stolen items in Roblox?

If you are trading with some user in Roblox and got scammed then you can get it back. Make sure you note down the username. Using the info you can report the stealing to Roblox and get your items back. It is pretty simple and straightforward. Use the below mail format to connect with the Roblox Support team.


My account “USERNAME” has been scammed by another user  “USERNAME“. We were trading items and the user stole the item.

Below is the list of items stolen from my account

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Please check into the matter at the earliest and thanks in advance.

Draft the email using the above format and connect with the Roblox support team. You will have to provide details of the user name who took your items. This usually happens during the trading, when you drop the item and a user plays extra-smart. They rob the item and there is no direct way of taking it back. Roblox also does not has any kind of restrictions during the trading. It’s a game bug, once the user grabs your item and runs away make sure you have the username with you. Or else it will be complicated to track down who took your items.

Drop the email to Roblox support and wait for a reply for a couple of days. You can follow up on your email if you are not getting any response. It is been a long issue, where users have reported items to get easily stolen in the game.  A few things you must follow to keep your account secure avoid such issues in the future.

  1. Remove browser extension if any.
  2. Enable 2 Step verification.
  3. Reset your password.

Roblox has specific policies for Lost of items or Currency and for Trade Deal scams. For loss of currency, your account is one-time eligible for lost items. You have to reach customer support for the same. For trade scams, Roblox already warns users to stay away from fake deals. You can report users who practice this and they will be permanently banned.

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