Roblox: How To Get Russo’s Sword Of Truth

Get another of the RB battle 2 sword.

Russo’s Sword of Truth is one of the three swords available for RB battles 2. You will find Russo’s Sword of Truth in Roblox in a well-known game Build a Boat for Treasure. Here’s how you can get the blue-colored RB battles 2 sword in Roblox.

How to Get The Russo’s Sword of Truth in Roblox

As mentioned you will have to play the Build a Boat for Treasure game in Roblox to get Russo’s Sword of Truth. You will have to go through the obstacles in the game to reach the blue sword. To being with Build a boat and get on board to travel. The boat will then halt at a location and you will see a waterfall on the left. Now, get off the boat and head to the land near the waterfall. Next, go past the waterfall to reach a table with a bookshelf and potions.

collect russo's sword of truth in roblox

From here, you will have to solve some sort of puzzles to get to the Sword. Firstly, take a close look at the order of the potions and hit the book of the same color in a similar order. When you hit the books in the order: Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, and Green, a door will open. In the next room, an RB battle video will be shown, remember the order of colors in the video. Hit the books again in the same order: Orange, Green, Black, Purple, and Black, to open the next door.

An opening will show up on the floor, head down in the opening. Take a close look at the tablets in this room and press the adjacent buttons. After pressing the buttons, go past the portal in front of the room. This will take you to a room with a computer and the Russo’s Sword of Truth. Fight the boss until a button shows up and get the robot to smash this button to defeat it. In the end, collect the Sword.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Russo’s Sword of Truth in Roblox. While here, ensure reading our Roblox codes guides to get an edge over other players in the games that you are playing. We have crafted One Punch Reborn codes, Snowman Simulator codes, Wizard Cats codes, and several other codes list for you.