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Roblox: How To Find Empty Servers?

Let’s see how to find empty servers on Roblox.

The game-building platform Roblox is fairly popular. With over 32 million daily users the servers are pretty jam-packed. Getting good servers is very crucial as it dictates your whole experience no matter which Roblox game you are playing. Getting empty servers is almost impossible, we said almost so here are some ways using which you can get empty or less populated servers on Roblox.

How To Find Empty Servers On Roblox?


Roblox find empty servers
To find empty or almost empty servers you will need to add the BTRoblox extension on your chrome browser, players can add it on Firefox as well. After adding the extension refresh Roblox, and in the settings you will BTR settings as well. This will help you make sure that the extension is added. Click on whichever Roblox game you want to play, scroll down and you will see servers and the number of web pages available. Head to the last webpage, click on the box, and type the last number to get there faster. On the last page, you will empty servers or servers with only 1 or 2 players depending on your luck. Click on the server and start playing.

Getting a good server is important as it will help you in being away from those pesky players who keep annoying you. Empty servers also ensure the smooth running of the game. Roblox has VIP servers as well but that is a paid service not many want to spend on. Instead, this is a free method to find relatively empty servers. Getting empty servers also depends on the Roblox game you are playing, its popularity, and the time you are playing at. It might be difficult to find empty servers in Popular games compared to some other niche games.

That’s it for this one, for any other information around Roblox do check out our comprehensive Roblox guide.