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All New Roblox Bomb Simulator Codes (April 2021)

Roblox Bomb Simulator Codes (April 2021): All active, working, valid and available codes that you can redeem for FREE pets and boosts.

If you are searching for some Roblox Bomb Simulator Codes, then we’ve got a list for you. When you redeem these codes, you can get free pets, gem boosts, coin boosts, luck boosts, and much more. With more coins and gems, you can upgrade weapons and buy new weapons as well. So be ready to level up with the help of the following Bomb Simulator codes easily.

List Of All The Latest Bomb Simulator Codes (April 2021)


The following Bomb Simulator codes were tested and verified at the time of updating this post. All of these codes were 100% working. Since Roblox promo codes expire pretty quickly, please inform us about the expired codes if you found any.

No new codes added.

  • GoldPotion – Get a Gold Potion
  • DarkPotion – Get a Dark Potion
  • Bomby – Get a x2 gem boost
  • boostcoin1 – Get a x2 coin boost
  • 60KLIKES – Get a 60KLikes Pets
  • GemBoost3 – Get a x2 gem boost for 15 mins
  • LuckyBoost – Get a x2 luck boost for 15 mins
  • Gemboost2 – Get a x2 gem boost for 15 mins
  • 45KLIKES – Get a x2 gem boost for 1 hour
  • COINZ – Get a x2 coin boost for 15 mins
  • SecretHat – Get a x2 luck boost
  • 30KLIKES – Get a Dominus Icy Pet
  • Gems – Get a x2 gem boost for 1 hour
  • 15KLIKES – Get a 15KLikes Pet
  • ItsKolapo – Get 1,000 gems
  • GemBoost – Get a x2 gem boost for 15 mins
  • Apology – Get a x2 coin boost for 1 hour
  • FreeCoinBoost – Get a x2 coin boost for 15 mins
  • FreeBoost – Get a x2 coin boost for 15 mins
  • 5KLIKES – Get a 5kLikes Pet
  • razorfishgaming – Get a RazorFishGaming YouTuber Pet
  • Snuggie – Get a Snuggie YouTuber Pet
  • Russo – Get a Russo YouTuber Pet
  • MayRushArt – Get a MayRushArt YouTuber Pet
  • ToadBoiGaming – Get a ToadBoi YouTuber Pet
  • JoJo – Get a JoJo YouTuber Pet
  • CDTV – Get a CDTV YouTuber Pet
  • Defildplays – Get a Defildplays YouTuber Pet


Expired Codes

The following Bomb Simulator codes are no longer active.

  • EndingSoon – Get 200,000 Fireworks
  • EventBoost – Get 2x Firework Boost for 15 mins
  • QuestUpdate – Get 1,000 Fireworks


How to Redeem Bomb Simulator Codes


Follow this easy process to redeem codes in Bomb Simulator. Just open up the game and click on the Settings option on the screen. Next, click on the green button that says Codes, and in the new window, you can enter the working promo code in the text box. Hit Enter after you are done and you will get your reward.


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