Risk Of Rain 2 Introduces A New Survivor Half Robot Half Plant Named Rex

Hopoo Games had presented a roadmap which showed that Risk of Rain 2 will get four updates this year, continuing off until the full release of the game in Spring 2020. The first update was scheduled in June and the studio has just announced that the update will be made available on June 25.

Speaking of the update, we will most certainly get a new survivor named, Rex who is half plant and half robot. This is a brand new character to the Risk of Rain game so this update will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to the game to those who have unlocked all the characters.

You will have to unlock Rex through a specific quest, which Hopoo did not clarify but they did say that players will be able to go to Rex “explicitly,” without needing to play and invest hours to unlock this brand new character.

The new update is called Scorched Acres and you can check Rex out as he appears in the tweet sent out by the developers. There isn’t much known but as once this game goes live we will much more to share on this particular character and how it affects the game.

Risk of Rain 2 has been popular since it was launched and day by day is increasing in its popularity. The game is only available for PC so if you are looking for some casual playing then we recommend you give this a try for sure.

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