How To Unlock Acrid In Risk Of Rain 2?

Read this guide to learn how to unlock Acrid in the Hidden Realms update of Risk Of Rain 2.

Acrid is one of the many survivors who make their way into the Hidden Realms update of Risk of Rain 2. It is a lizard-dog hybrid that spews poison, dealing immense damage when doing so. This makes it one of the most popular characters of the game. Now, if you are one of the many who are wondering how to unlock and get Acrid in the Hidden Realms update.

How to Unlock Acrid in Risk Of Rain 2 Hidden Realms Update?


In order to unlock Acrid in the Risk of Rain 2 Hidden Realms update, you need to complete the Prismatic Trials. You will need to travel to the Void Realm and complete a tricky challenge with the help of an Engineer.

When taking part in the Prismatic Trials, you need to first activate a Newt Altar. You can do so by using a Lunar Coin to go to the Bazaar Between Worlds. Collect a Hopoo Feather from here.

After heading over to the Bazaar Between Worlds, go down and enter the Null Portal. From here, you will be able to head over to the new Void Hidden Realm. This is a massive realm where you will be susceptible to immense damage each time you step outside the bubble shields.

In order to protect yourself, activate the Bubble Shield inside the Void and then proceed to defend yourself. You will need to make sure you survive until the meter touches 100%. Once you do so, you will successfully complete the challenge.

Now, simply activate all of the 9 Bubble Shields and make sure to charge them to 100%. Once you successfully fill your health between shield bubbles, simply sit down and wait to regenerate before you activate the shield bubbles. It’s better to do so before you fight opponents, as you will not get a chance to do so until after the fight ends.

Upon successfully activating all the 8 bubbles, Acrid will automatically get unlocked. And that’s all. By following these instructions, you will be able to unlock Acrid in Risk of Rain 2’s Hidden Realms update.

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