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Rising Storm 2 Vietnam’s Green Army Men DLC Brings The Action To Your Backyard

Rising Storm 2 brings a new DLC which will go live this Tuesday, in this DLC you will be able to play as Green Army Men, which most of you certainly have in your childhood.


If you reminisce about your childhood playing way with countless army men, cooking up stories of their conquest well now here is your chance, you will get the chance to do so in the lastest update for Rising Storm 2.

The plastic figures are incredibly fun just as they were during your childhood, but what it does especially gives you a new perspective like never before. Take on the role of a rifleman which will be free or you can purchase the Green Army Men DLC to unlock the rest of the classes.

Purchasing this DLC will help the modders of the game who have spent so much time and effort to give this new outlook to the game.

There is a slight difference in the normal version of the game and this mode, this will not have fall damage and also most of the guns are nerfed.

You can also take helicopters and a variety of weapons to completely immerse yourself into the game and plan your attacks accordingly.

The maps are surrounded with toys just as you would find in any child’s bedroom or backyard, and these obstacles add another dimension to the game unlike ever seen before.


Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is going free for a week om Steam after the launch of the DLC so you might want to check this out.


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