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Rise of the Phoenix DLC Live Ultimate Alliance 3 – Switch

Iceman, Phoenix, Cable, and Gambit Joins the game

New DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is now live adding X-Men into the game where after buying the paid DLC you can add Iceman, Phoenix, Cable, and Gambit into your team. The level cap has been raised to 200 and a new mode is added in the game called Danger Room. Rise of the Phoenix adds a separate Menu in the game to customize settings for Danger Room.

Players can create a virtual rook where they can run a competitive training program between two teams. There will be a series of objectives that include fighting bosses or defeating a group of enemies. Whoever completes the objective first wins the match and both team progress to the next challenge.


Danger Room as its name says is a real danger, which means Rise of the Phoenix DLC does not bring a training room but a highly competitive and challenging mode for players to test their skills while completing random objectives. The mode is available offline where players can play with AI teammates, online, on local LAN and solo.

New characters from the DLC Iceman, Phoenix, Cable, and Gambit will be unlocked as you progress through a series of Gauntlet Missions.  The first pack released Curse of the Vampire where you can add Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight, and Morbius in your team. Have fun playing.

Source: Kotaku