Rise Of Nations Cheats And Codes (September 2023)

Here are the Rise of Nations Cheats that you can use in this game.

Want to dominate the world? You can do it in this strategy game – even faster if you use the Rise of Nations Cheats and Codes. Show off your skills by conquering others and creating alliances with other countries. Invade others for resources or territories and shape your own version of the world map. All of this is possible with much less effort if you use cheat codes.

These are all the codes that are working on September 16, 2023. There is no given expiry date for them but usually, such codes expire in 2 to 3 days.

How to Activate and Use Cheats in Rise of Nations (September 2023)

How to Activate Cheats in Rise of Nations

To use cheat codes (only in offline mode), you have to activate the cheats first. You can do it by bringing up the Chat menu by pressing Enter. Then type cheat keys on. Hit Enter and then press the following sequence to get bonuses.

  • Alt + F5: This will get you +1000 for every basic resource (hold to increase it). When you do this, you will see a message – [player] is cheating!
  • Alt + F9: This will finish the creation of buildings or units that you have selected.

Now let’s get into the Cheats.

Rise of Nations Cheats List

To get the advantage of a certain cheat code during gameplay, press the Enter key and type it in. Keep reading to know what benefits you can get after using them.

Cheat Code Impact
cheat die Kills all selected
cheat safe Gets Machine Guns around every human capital
cheat sandbox Set all players to human
cheat ai [on, off, or debug] Set AI state
cheat diff [0-5] Set difficulty
cheat achieve Display achievements
cheat ally [name] Alliance with nation
cheat peace [name] Peace with nation
cheat war [name] War with nation
cheat meet [name] Encounter with nation
cheat unmeet [name] Encounter-off with nation
cheat human [name] Turn off computer control
cheat computer [name] Turn on computer control
cheat defeat [name] Defeat nation
cheat victory [name] Victory for nation
cheat tech [name] [tech or all] [on or off] Show / change technology
cheat resource [name] [goodtype or all] [+ or -] [number] Show / change resource
cheat age [number] [name] Show / change age for nation
cheat military [number] [name] Show / change  military level for nation
cheat civic [number] [name] Show / change  civic level for nation
cheat commerce [number] [name] Show / change  commerce level for nation
cheat science [number] [name] Show / change  science level for nation
cheat library [number] [name] Show / change all Library tech levels for nation
cheat reveal [on or off] Toggle full map
cheat bbox [0 or 1] Toggle bounding box mode
cheat ranges [0 or 1] Show combat ranges
cheat damage [name or no entry] [+ or -] [number] Adjust damage to object or all selected
cheat insert [number] [type] [who=RED] [x,y] Insert unit / building at pointer location
cheat add [number] [type] [who=RED] [x,y] Insert unit / building at pointer location
cheat finish Finishes selected buildings or next item
cheat bird Drop a Wild Bird at pointer location
cheat nuke Drop a Nuke at pointer location
cheat pack Packs the currently selected units (if they are packing units)
cheat deploy Deploys the currently selected units (if deploying units)
cheat explore [normal, explored, all] Change game explore configuration
cheat pause [0 or 1] Toggle game pause

Source: riseofnations fandom

These were all the Rise of Nations Cheats that you can activate and use.