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How To Ring The Two Bells In Genshin Impact

Here's all you need on how to ring the two bells in Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact, if you are looking to advance towards the Dark Fog in the Underground Chasm there are two bells located on either side of the Nameless Ruins that you will have to ring. Now this does put players in a tough spot as there is a lot of distance and it is difficult to ring both the bells. So check out this guide as we explain how you can ring the two bells in Genshin Impact.

How to Ring the Two Bells in Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact Ring Bells
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The locations of the bells will be marked on your map but you need to solve a small puzzle before you can ring both the bells. Follow the steps we have mentioned to solve the puzzle.

First Bell Location & What to Do


  • The first bell is located on the southeast of the Nameless Ruins. This is a tricky one to ring.
  • There will be a Ruin Grader on the bridge that players can destroy or get past into the ruins and climb the stairs up.
  • As you go up you will see a lamp and a Seelie.
  • Follow it and you will see another Seelie and Dark Mud.
  • Clear the Mud to reveal a hidden lamp.
  • Next you have to make sure all lamp are lit. Make one Seelie stand near the first lamp and the other near the hidden lamp.
  • You will find an unlit lamp and if you have completed the task successfully a Precious Chest will spawn.
  • The Chest will create a wind current and will have a few items.
  • Collect the items and follow the wind current up.
  • You will find an unlit lamp which will unseal the gate mechanism.
  • As you jump down you will notice another Ruin Grader.
  • Destroy the Grader and you will find the bell behind him.
  • Ring it by striking it with a sword.

Second Bell Location & What to Do

  • The second bell is located to the northwest of the Nameless Ruins, travel to that.
  • Find a lamp once you reach the area.
  • If you have energy on your Lumenstone Adjuvant the lamp will light up and create a wind current.
  • You can use the wind current to glide up.
  • You will find a Pyro Abyss Mage in midst of some Dark Mud, beat her first.
  • Destroy the pink nodes located in the area next. This will remove the Dark Mud in the area.
  • Unseal all the devices.
  • Doing so will call on Shadowy Husks.
  • Once you defeat them you can locate the bell and ring it.


Follow the steps above and you will solve the puzzle and ring the two bells in Genshin Impact. While you are here, check out our other guides, tips and tricks on Genshin Impact with Gamer Tweak.