Coin Master: Is The Rhino Or Tiger Better

Whom to choose, Rhino or Tiger in Coin Master?

Players want to know which one is better among Rhino or Tiger in Coin Master. Some players have the upper hand when it comes to attacking. Whereas, some players are focused only on gathering enough coins to complete the village and progress further. And, to assist you in your gameplay style, the game has various pets you can use. In this guide, we have explained about both the said pets. Check out this guide to know more about the same.

Which Pet is Better in Coin Maser – Rhino or Tiger?

When it comes to pets, each pet has its own buff to offer. It all comes down to your style of playing the game. Be it Rhino or Tiger in Coin Master, you can use both if you have unlocked them. Below, you will learn in detail about all the abilities of both pets. You can decide which of them is better for your gameplay.

Pet Tiger in Coin Master

Rhino or Tiger in Coin Master

Tiger has the ability to increase your coin reward while attacking opponent’s village. Initially, one level 1, Tiger gives you a 60% bonus on your reward during attacks. As you upgrade its level, the percentage increase.

You can unlock Tiger by completing the Beasts card collection. Once done, you have to select Tiger as a pet. It will assist you in attacks when it is not hungry. So, make sure to feed it from time to time, to increase your rewards. Also, give it XP points to increase its level.

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Pet Rhino in Coin Master

Rhino in Coin Master

Rhino is the last pet in the list and can be unlocked after completing Creatures card collection. It has the ability to block attacks and defend your village when you’re away. While on level 1, Rhino has 10% chance to deflect incoming attacks. As you upgrade its level, the chance increases.

Similar to that of Tiger, you have to select it and then feed it whenever its hungry. When pets are hungry, they won’t be able to assist you in the game. Rhino comes in handy when you’ve run out of shields and have no defense left for your village.

Now you know which is better, Rhino or Tiger in Coin Master. You can select one as per your gameplay style. If you found this guide helpful, check out more such guides on Coin Master right here on Gamer Tweak.