Coin Master: What Is The Rhino Protection?

Among the various mechanisms in Coin Master, there are pets too. These pets adore you and are always ready to help you in doing your job in the game, except when they are hungry. Every pet offers you a certain buff while playing. Similarly, you can enjoy Rhino protection in Coin Master. In this guide, we have explained in detail about what is it and how to use it. Check out this guide to know more.

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What is Rhino Protection in Coin Master?

Rhino Protection in Coin Master

Rhino is one of the pets in the game that you can unlock. However, Rhino is the last pet on the list. So, clearly those who are relatively new players, won’t be able to enjoy the benefits as of now.

In order to unlock Rhino, players have to complete the Creatures Card collection. Similar to the other pets, Rhino too has a buff to offer. It offers protection against attacks on your village.

Upon hatching the egg, Rhino offers 10% chance to protect your village. As you upgrade its level, the chances also increases. To upgrade Rhino’s level, you have to feed it with XP potions. The players who are already on a higher village will have more chances to block the attacks from opponents.

This feature comes in handy when you have run out of shields. Keep in mind that this feature works even if you have shields left in the inventory.

How to Use Rhino Protection in Coin Master

You simply have to select Rhino from the pets tab and make sure it is not hungry. When your pets are hungry, they can’t give you buffs. Once you feed it, Rhino will be activated.

Whenever there will be an attack on your village, Rhino will jump from below, absorb the attack and will disappear again. In this manner, you can save your shields if you have them. If you don’t have them, there’s nothing to worry about, Rhino has got you covered.

That’s all about Rhino protection in Coin Master. If you found this guide helpful, check out more such guides on Coin Master right here on Gamer Tweak.