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How To Revive In Dark & Darker

Here's a guide on how you can revive in Dark & Darker.

While exploring the dungeons in Dark and Darker, your teammates might end up killed. However, unlike most other games of this genre, you can revive them. You will need to go through a small complicated ordeal but you will have them back. Naturally, most people are wondering how to revive in Dark & Darker. Since it is complicated, we will try to remove any confusion that you might face. With the steps listed below, it should get easier for you. Since you are here and looking to revive your teammates, we recommend you check them out below.

How to Revive in Dark & Darker

Dark and Darker Revival Guide

Since revival is an important part of the game, many players are looking to learn it quickly. And although it is simple, the process is a little confusing. This is why many players have not been able to do it successfully. There are more than one ways to revive a player and this guide will show you all of them.

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to revive in Dark & Darker:

  • Firstly, acquire the player’s Soul Heart and then take it to the Altar of Sacrifice.
  • Next, pay for the revival with your own HP.
  • Once some of your HP is consumed, your teammate will be revived in the dungeon.

You can simply loot the player after removing their chest armor in order to get their Soul Heart and then revive them in Dark & Darker.

How to Revive as Cleric

Cleric is one of the main support in the game. Hence as a Cleric, there is another way that you can revive teammates. You can use the Tier 8 Resurrection Spell. It will have high Knowledge Cost so be ready for that. Along with that, make sure the Soul Heart is within the player at the time of spell casting.

That’s all there is on how to revive in Dark & Darker. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Dark & Darker guides right here at Gamer Tweak.