Where To Find All Retro CD In Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF) Security Breach?

All locations of FNAF Retro CD.

The Retro CD offers you the ability to get your hands on 16 different collectibles in FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) Security Breach. As the name suggests, these items are small disks that are scattered all across the Pizzaplex. You will find yourself looking for these unique items as you make your way across the game whilst dodging the evil animatronics. You will also only be able to get your hands on the CDs once you upgrade Freddy with the claws & eyes of Montgomery Gator and Roxanne Wolf respectively. If you are looking for the locations of these CDs, you need not look any further. In this guide, we will show you all of the locations in detail.

Where to Find All Retro CD in Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) Security Breach?


Atrium – Retro CD Location in FNAF Security Breach

You will be able to find a Retro CD in Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) Security Breach inside the atrium. Once here, go to the middle of the atrium’s main floor right above the nose of the Freddy floor outline.

Atrium (Rockstar Row Entrance)

Just like the earlier location, head to the Atrium here and keep moving towards Rockstar Row. Once here, you will come across a phase where you will see a cartoon version of Bonnie and Freddy in the background. You will now be able to see the Retro CD under a microphone at the bottom of the stage.

Rockstar Row Entrance

Head for the Helpy cutout at the entrance of Rockstar Row. You will find this Retro CD above the hand of the cutout.

Rockstar Row – Retro CD Location in FNAF Security Breach

You will find this FNAF Retro CD inside the mouth of the cardboard Kraken monster. You can find this monster close to the ship in Rockstar Row.

Kid’s Cove

Find this Retro CD inside the half-open treasure chest in Kid’s Cove.


Head to the soda machines in Mazercise, and you will be able to find the CD in Freddy’s mouth.

Fazer Blast

Head to the trophy case inside the Fazer Blast Arena to find this CD.

Roxy Raceway – Retro CD Location in FNAF Security Breach

Go to the Roxy Raceway in FNAF Security Breach and look inside the cars. One of the cars will have the CD on the seat.

West Arcade

Go to the second karaoke room in the West Arcade. Look for the Retro CD on top of the microphone.

Roxy Raceway Salon

Go to the photoshoot setup inside Roxy Raceway. You will find the Retro CD fixed to a Roxy plushie in the backdrop.

Bonnie Bowl

Once in Bonnie Bowl, you will find a stage with the curtains down. Here, you will also find a Closed sign. On the edge of this sign, you will find the Retro CD.

Monty’s Mini Golf

Head over to Monty’s Mini Golf and move towards the golf hole above the balcony. Here, you will come across the FNAF Security Breach Retro CD.

Chica’s Bakery

First, go to Chica’s Bakery in Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach. Here, go to the big golden cupcake and acquire the CD.

Maintenance Tunnel – Retro CD Location in FNAF Security Breach

When inside Freddy, you need to head over to the maintenance tunnels at the start of the game. You will come across the abstract Freddy drawing above a couch. You will find the CD here.

Maintenance Tunnel (Gated Area)

To get this CD, go to the spot where Vanessa first interacts with Freddy in the Maintenance Tunnel. You will find a gated area next to the medical booth. Freddy will need Monty’s claws to open this gate, after which you need to go upstairs and acquire the CD. The CD will be with a Foxy plushie in the back room.

So there you have it. These are all the locations of the Retro CD in FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) Security Breach. Before you set out on your quest to get these items, you need to remember that you can only do so after decommissioning Monty & Roxy. Check out our guide on How to Decommission Monty in FNAF.