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How to Restore Health in Death Stranding – Blood, Stamina & Endurance Tips

Tips to refill your lood, Stamina & Endurance Guage

In Death Stranding as Sam there are three primary attributes of your character. They are Blood which is the default Health of protagonist in Death Stranding, then comes Stamina and finally Endurance. All three factors are highly important on your route to delivery. In this Death Stranding tips and tricks you can learn how to restore health, how to refill stamina and restore endurance in the game.

How to Refill Blood, Stamina & Endurance Gauge


Blood is the most important as it is your health and when it is over you will practically die. But Sam is a repatriate, that means he can return back to the world of living, but that’s an later story. Stamina will also deplete when you run and Endurance falls in river or while carrying heavy objects. Read our tips on how to restore them.

There are two bars in the game the red one is the Blood Gauge. Light Blue is Stamina and overlapping it dark blue is Endurance.

How to restore Blood – Health?


Death Stranding Restore Health

Eat Cryptobiote, we call it the astronaut bugs. They float in the air like as astronaut floats in a space ship and to locate them look for a pack of brown mushroom like nest. You can use R1 to scan the area and it will shine in blue. Grab one and eat it, it will restore your blood instantly. Health gauge can be depleted by falling.

There is one more way to restore health, you have to sleep. Whenever you find a safe spot hold Circle to rest and Sam will sleep on the ground. This will restore the blood along with stamina giving enough energy to move forward. It will also save the game.


How to restore Stamina?

Death Stranding Restore Health

If you want to know what happens if stamina is 0 then in Death Stranding low stamina will damage your movement. Sam will move slow and it will be tough to maintain the balance. That means there are higher chances of falling with the cargo. To restore stamina press the left D-pad and use the right joystick to select to drink to restore stamina. It can also restored on its own by resting.


How to restore Endurance?

When you are crossing a river the endurance will dry up will also be consumed while climbing and coming down a hill. Endurance Gauge appears above Stamina Gauge, when you perform any action Endurance is consumed. When Endurance is 0 Sam will fail to manage the weight, and the best way to restore it stand there for a while. The Endurance Gauge will be refilled back on its own.

Finding Cryptobiote in the open region is easy if you use the scanner well. Stamina and Endurance can be restored on its own, but to restore Stamina instantly you can drink from the canteen.