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How to Craft Respawn Anchor in Minecraft

Want your own respawn point in Minecraft then learn about Respawn Ancher. This unique item is highly useful when you are in the Overworld.

Looking for more details on Respawn Anchor in Minecraft? What is this new item, how to craft it, and how to use it? Well to save your time and effort in this article we discuss everything about Respawn Anchor. Starting with a simple definition of this important Minecraft item, you will also learn Respawn Anchor’s Crafting Recipe and details on important ingredients.

What is Respawn Anchor?

Respawn Anchor is a special item that is added by the Nether update in Minecraft. If you die it in the Overworld it will help you to respawn in Nether. It can also replace the player’s spawn point, it is a unique item in the game. There are many usages of a Respawn Anchor but crafting this is not easy. Because you will need Crying Obsidian not a standard block in Minecraft.

How to craft Respawn Anchor?

To craft a Respawn Ancher on Minecraft you will need 6 Crying Obsidian and 3 Glowstone. Crying Obsidian is not a standard block and can be tough to find in Minecraft. Below are the three possible ways to get this item. The first one is the most reliable way because there are max chances Piglins will gift you Crying Obsidian.

  • Trading gold ingots with Piglins.
  • Can be found in the chest in Bastion Remnants
  • Can be found in the chest in Overworld. Look for a random Ruined Nether Portal.

How to use Respawn Anchor?

After crafting it place it where you want and with a right-click you can set a respawn point. When you die in the Overworld you can spawn back at this point. To use the Respawn Anchor in Minecraft you will need to fill it with Glowstone. Right-click to activate it and at a time the anchor can hold 4 charges. Each time you respawn one charge will be consumed.

This is how you can craft and use Respawn Anchor in Minecraft. Do remember about this item next time you are traveling into the Overworld. It is best to set a Respawn Anchor near your base.