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Resident Evil Village Announces The Mercenaries Mode, Dead by Daylight Collaboration Revealed

The well-known game mode The Mercenaries will also be included in the eighth main chapter of Resident Evil Village. As in previous titles, in this mode, you have to reach a certain goal within a given time limit in order to advance to the next level.

With The Mercenaries mode, an additional gameplay was presented for Resident Evil Village on the second Resident Evil showcase. This is not really a novelty, but a popular mini-game in the long-running horror series.


There are fast-paced shootouts here, in which you have to reach a certain goal as usual within a given time limit. However, the developers have come up with some news: As in the main game, there is a shop that you can visit between the areas. Here you can purchase weapons, medicines, or other useful items. Various upgrades can of course be made for the weapons you buy.

In order to master the individual levels, you have to think carefully about which weapons you need and how you adapt them to the respective game situation. There are several tactics available to you.

Another new feature is abilities. In the trailer, we see, among other things, the skills Shotgun Master, Adrenaline, and Out of Reach. The former equips you with higher shotgun damage, while the latter fills your life bar faster when you cause weapon damage. With the latter ability, you deal more damage over long distances. This gives you another gameplay element to act strategically.


According to the developer, the level of difficulty in the final rounds is extremely high. Should you manage to successfully complete all levels, you will receive a princely reward.

Towards the end of the event, a cooperation with the asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight was announced. With this, the developers want to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the title. The chapter will be presented in detail on May 25th. It starts the following month.