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Resident Evil Village Could be Coming To PS4, Playtest Leak Suggests?

A new leak related to Resident Evil Village has appeared recently on the net, the result of a playtest suggesting that the game could also release on PS4.

This playtest would have run on a PS4 Pro, so it could be possible the final game will be available on next-gen consoles and sometime later on the current-gen consoles of Sony. It was also found out that the duration of the playtest was about half an hour and testers were allowed a maximum of two runs.

In the demo, according to what was leaked on the heir of Resident Evil 7, the zombie-like enemies appeared fully armed with axes, spears, swords, and armored with pieces of armor to be removed by gunshots, rifle or knife before exposing the most sensitive points.

A special attack by some of these enemies would be able to instantly eliminate the protagonist Ethan, while it would be possible to free themselves from their grip by repeatedly pressing a button as in the previous chapters.

The demo, held in the chatted castle overlooking the village of the title, would also include Olga, a witch type villain of a boss fight capable of evoking insects and throwing them at Ethan.

Using fire it would be possible to remove the insects from the witch and making sure to expose the sensitive parts of the antagonist. After completing this part, Olga would take on a spider-like appearance in a second phase of the clash.

A merchant woman would also appear who would appear among the many secondary characters expected in the game: the same can sell us weapons and accessories, but also reveal information about the environment.

According to the leak, finally, Capcom is planning for the VR version of Resident Evil Village, though the company is waiting for an official confirmation from Sony before committing to it.

A new trailer of the game is also confirmed to be revealed for the month of August, as stated in a previous rumor, so we could perhaps see some of these sequences in the upcoming video.