Resident Evil Village Ethan Winters DLC – Rumor or Reality?

Debunking the death of Ethan, where is he? Capcom's secret of bringing him back could be true!

Before we start – SPOILER ALERT – for those who are still playing Resident Evil Village, and obsessed with the tall vampire lady. I am going to reveal a lot of Resident Evil Village secrets here. This is going to spoil your fun, so do bookmark this page and get back. Or else let’s begin with Ethan’s secret death in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Ethan Winters DLC

When is Ethan Winters coming back? The answer to this question lies hidden in the story of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and Resident Evil 8 Village. It was revealed RE Village that Ethan and Mia both were killed by Jack Baker in RE7. Ethan’s interaction with mold brought him back to life.

Ethan Winters DLC - Resident Evil

In Resident Evil 8 Village Ethan dies twice, first when Mother Miranda pulled his heart out. This is when a shadow of Eveline appears. Ethan resurrects himself, which means he has powers like Deadpool. He built his heart back.

Second time Ethan’s story was over after the destruction of Megamycete, the source of Mold. He was shown as freezing into rock and then breaking into pieces holding Rose in his hand.

Ethan Winters DLC - Resident Evil

The screenshot above is the final image of Ethan when he finally destroyed the Megamycete which leads to his demise. So does this means it’s the end of his story or there’s more? Let’s first debunk some questions.

What is a Mold?

Mold is something like Symbiote from Venom. A conscious fungus kind of thing that can infect people and absorb their consciousness. It can re-generate vital organs and give a superpower. But not all can control the Mold. Eveline from Resident Evil 7 Biohazard was the bio-weapon designed to control the power of mold. Mia was part of the experiment, she was working under a corporation’s command (Umbrella).

While transporting Eveline to another place, she escapes and crashes the ship near Baker’s family resident and infects everyone. The little girl just wants a family (so sad).

What is Megamycete?

Mother Miranda lost her daughter to the Spanish Flu 100 years ago. She then discovered an entity called Megamycete to bring her back to life. For years Mother Miranda is testing out vessels (humans) to revive the dead daughter. This points the Megamycete has the consciousness of all people it infects. It absorbs them and they can live and can be revived by a person who can control this. (This is so twisted)

Why Mother Miranda picked Rose?

Rose is Ethan and Mia Winter’s daughter. She has a direct connection with the Mold. In simple words, she was born with the mold. She can be a source of new Megamycete. When Chris shot Mia, he sounds he is already tracking Ethan and his family for a long time. He has orders from some corporation to secure the target (Rosemary). Mother Miranda disguised as Mia, was living with Ethan.

If you check Ethan’s house in the beginning, all mirrors are covered. The house is spooky and Mia tells Rose a story “Village of Shadows” that has references to all four lords and Mother Miranda. It’s clear Rose is the perfect vessel. Also, Mia in the climax indicates it’s not Rose who is special, it’s Ethan.

Proof that Ethan is Coming back in a DLC:

Thanks to Video Game Sophistry for digging in deeper at the end cinematic of Resident Evil Village, and making me sound smart (hehe). VGS was the first to grab more detail on the guy walking next to the jeep in the last scene. When some agent picked Rose, on some mission. There was a person walking in the opposite direction of the vehicle. He is Ethan.

Ethan Winters DLC - Resident Evil

Here is a detailed video by VGS where you can see the character model that looks like Ethan. With his damaged hand, chewed by a Lycan, this person is walking in a weird manner. Does this mean in the upcoming DLC or in Resident Evil 9, Ethan will come back to save Rose?

I am expecting Ethan to be in the picture, if Rose is infected and can control mold, she is definitely connected with Ethan. This devilish fungus is alive and it clearly loves to have strong bonds. Remember Eveline, she just wants a family. That’s it, do watch the video and give a like to VGS.