Resident Evil Village 5 Minutes of Gameplay Trailer Released

As part of a new showcase, Capcom showed fresh gameplay material from the upcoming survival horror title Resident Evil Village. On top of that, there was also a new trailer for the game.

A few moments ago, Capcom presented about five minutes of new gameplay material from the upcoming Resident Evil Village in a live stream. This allows, among other things, a closer look at the interior of the castle and its residents thirsting for blood. In addition, the Japanese company also released a new trailer for the survival horror game. As usual, both videos can be found below in this article.

As it is well known, in the upcoming eighth main part of the Resident Evil saga we slip again into the virtual skin of Ethan Winters, who already played the leading role in the previous one. He wants to start a new life with his wife Mia, but the nightmares from back then catch up with them. This time Ethan has to fight his way through a village and a large castle, in which bloodthirsty monsters hunt him or you again. Among other things, a group of crazy women wants to take him apart.

As the gameplay video shows, we can look forward to some constants of the Resident Evil inventory, which is based on the RE4 similarly. Accordingly, depending on their size, weapons and other items take up different amounts of space in your digital pockets. Ethan always has a knife with him, with which all kinds of objects can be smashed in order to get useful items. In addition, the Duke is a character who is supposed to play a role similar to that of the dealer in Resident Evil 4.

In addition, Ethan can again block enemy attacks to take less damage. An ability that was already extremely practical in the predecessor Resident Evil 7 and now seems to be getting more weight. Each type of opponent should have its own attack pattern and thus always present the player with new challenges. But not only various monsters, but also traps and other surprises should make it difficult for us to survive in the upcoming survival horror title. In a pinch, Ethan’s only option is to flee.