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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Netflix Series Trailer Released

Netflix recently revealed Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a new computer-generated animated series of Resident Evil. Since the announcement was made by accident, there were several details that were still up in the air. Thankfully that changed today, as Capcom finally shared the first official details.

Capcom officially announced Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. According to the company, it is a new animated series made by computers. This production is expected to be available on Netflix sometime in 2021.


Another important point is that Capcom describes this new Netflix series as an original Resident Evil series, which will have horror and action. So fans should look forward to a new story with a world that may surprise fans of the franchise.

“By adding suspense into dynamic action scenes, this series will reveal a Resident Evil world unlike anything seen before,” says the official description for Infinite Darkness.

Now, it is important that you know that the fact that Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will be a production for Netflix and it does not mean that it is completely alien to Capcom. In fact, an important creative of the company will work in it.


What happens is that Hiroyuki Kobayashi, producer of the Resident Evil series, will be in charge of producing and supervising the Netflix series. Note that this creative will also be in charge of the 3 CGI movies of Resident Evil. So there is someone with experience in this area.

Check the first teaser trailer of the series below.