Resident Evil 5 Remake Release Date, Leaks & Rumors

Shreyansh Shah
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Are you excited and looking for a release date on Resident Evil 5 Remake or RE5? Then check out everything on it right below. Now that Capcom has successfully dropped another installment in their line of remake games, the excitement among fans grows even more. As a result, fans cannot wait for an RE5 remake. But will there be a remake? The way Capcom is shaping up, we expect the game to arrive soon. It might not be as early as you would want it to be. However, getting the remake after a while is better than not having one.

What is the Resident Evil 5 Remake Release Date?

RE5 Remake Release Date Rumors Leaks

While Capcom has not officially confirmed RE5 Remake at the time of writing, the ending of Resident Evil 4 Remake certainly shapes up for further installments. As things stand, the next installment should release sometime toward the end of 2024 or the start of 2025. However, we cannot confirm whether the 2024-25 release date will be for Resident Evil 5 Remake or any other RE installments.

Resident Evil 2 Remake dropped in 2019 while the Resident Evil 3 remake dropped more than a year later in 2020. While it was the pandemic that seems to have pushed the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake to 2023, there is no certainty that the next installment will come earlier. Hence the date we have mentioned is likely the realistic expectation that fans need to keep.

The ending of Resident Evil 4 Remake saw Ada speaking with her employer who is later revealed as the big bad of Resident Evil, Albert Wesker. This is the first appearance that Wesker has made in the remake franchise. As per their conversation, Wesker indicates that a new dawn is on the horizon and it will cost billions of lives.

We will update this guide once new information is available on the RE5 Remake release date and other leaks and rumors.

That’s all we have on Resident Evil 5 Remake Release Date. While you are here, we recommend you check out our RE4 Remake guides if you are stuck at any point in the game.