Resident Evil 4 Remake Will Be A Completely Reimagined New Game, Insider Claims

After the confirmation regarding Resident Evil Village, the insider Dusk Golem has returned to talk about Resident Evil 4 Remake, providing some vital information about the title.

In recent months the insider has proved to be a fairly reliable source regarding the franchise created by Capcom. Very often his predictions have proved reliable and have led us to anticipations of announcements and releases. After the confirmation of the eighth chapter of the saga by the Osaka house, the attention seems to have returned to the rumored Resident Evil 4 Remake.

An indirect confirmation came to us right from Dusk Golem in the last hours. Following the intervention of a Twitter user, who asked if Capcom was ready to provide a patch for the owners of the digital copies of Resident Evil, the insider wanted to clarify a concept. Resident Evil 4 will not be a simple remastered game.

“The Resident Evil 4 is not a remaster, it’s a completely made from the ground up remake/reimagining. It’ll be a new game,” the insider said. In short, the path traced is the one already seen with the Remakes of the second and third chapters: not to limit themselves to an aesthetic renewal, but to give them dignity and contextualize them to the current market.

In the past, Dusk Golem had previously mentioned the arrival of Resident Evil 4 Remake in the following manner: “So here comes me talking about RE4 REmake, it was kinda’ inevitable it was going to leak sooner than later even though I do still feel now isn’t the best time for it to leak. The game is still at least a couple years away and isn’t even the next RE game releasing.”

According to the most recent rumors, Resident Evil 4 Remake should arrive in the course of 2022; next year, however, should be the turn of the equally rumored eighth chapter of the successful saga.